Office and Harry Potter.

I have a new job! I'm so COOL!

2 full days a week, giving me cash to fuel my exorbitant cake-making lifestyle. Woohoo! I went to DFO the other day and bought 2 awesome business shirts from DL that were on ultimate sale at 60% off and they weren't even the fat sizes I am so awesome.

I arrived in the office and felt like Mr Bean cos when I sat down I started pulling all these things out and arranging them on the table like Mr Bean did with his pink panther thing in that exam episode. I love Mr Bean haha.

And I watched HP6 last night. Daniel Radcliffe's acting is still tragic, as always, except that scene when he drank the Liquid Luck that was heaps funny. Special effects these days! So bloody amazing.

Helena Bonham Carter is amazing again LOL. I think she should really get herself psychologically checked out sometime soon, she plays psycho characters way too well.