I overheard a science professor on the bus today talking to one of his students about research on the Drosophila fruit fly. The professor called it the Queen of Genetics.

Kind of made me miss biology, and chemistry a little. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing in Commerce. Granted, I do enjoy economics. Finance is just gag.

Anyway, I overheard 2 girls talking to each other, and one told the other how she teased her boyfriend about his dandruff once, and a year later he gave her a 200g bag of his dandruff.

He collected his effing dandruff.

She thought it was sweet. But super gross.

I just gagged.


Working in an office environment has made me realise that I find it really hard to sit still for 8 hours a day. I guess my primary school teachers were right after all; I'm so fidgety.


Ah well. At least I'll probably be churning out posts more regularly haha!

Heavy Smells

I was using the lat-pulldown machine at the gym and I farted.

The only person close by was this woman using the thigh-master sorta machine (abductor) that was right next to the lat-pulldown, and she started saying loudly to herself, "eww! did someone fart?" She said it like 3 times lmao it was so embarassing.

I had to control my laughter so much I had to go and hide in the toilet for a while.

Water Sports

Today I learnt that some restaurants have water lists alongside wine lists, and that waiters suggest specific waters to go with your meals.


I have a stye on my eye.

I have a stye on my eye and its massive. I am not happy. I am munching on delicious orange flavoured hand-made turkish delight I bought from this awesome Turkish store in Auburn. Best turkish delight in Australia if you believe those travel shows. $10 a box, ain't so bad.

I have a ceramics/pottery class tomorrow i'm starting to realise that Chinese may just kill me. I'm reading all these horrible things people are saying on the internet about studying ot for 4 years and still not being able to read a book.


The Past, Passed


boy - name was "Sam" Aiche (fake 1st name, real last name).

teacher - [writing everyone's names on the board] "What is your name?"

boy - "Sam Aiche".

teacher - [writes Sam H.]

me - [very confused, thinks] Why did she write H?

FAST FORWARD a decade or so.

me - [*light-bulb-moment*] OMFG educated bitches pronounce "H" as "aiche" not "haiche"!

And that was how a decade of supressed confusion was solved.

(Clearly there's more to this story then i'm letting on.)

Office and Harry Potter.

I have a new job! I'm so COOL!

2 full days a week, giving me cash to fuel my exorbitant cake-making lifestyle. Woohoo! I went to DFO the other day and bought 2 awesome business shirts from DL that were on ultimate sale at 60% off and they weren't even the fat sizes I am so awesome.

I arrived in the office and felt like Mr Bean cos when I sat down I started pulling all these things out and arranging them on the table like Mr Bean did with his pink panther thing in that exam episode. I love Mr Bean haha.

And I watched HP6 last night. Daniel Radcliffe's acting is still tragic, as always, except that scene when he drank the Liquid Luck that was heaps funny. Special effects these days! So bloody amazing.

Helena Bonham Carter is amazing again LOL. I think she should really get herself psychologically checked out sometime soon, she plays psycho characters way too well.

Personal Trainer

I have a personal trainer now! I think it won't strain my budget too much. Just once a week to keep my form right and make sure I don't do any stupid things and stuff up my wrists any more than they already are. I'm tempted to take some before/after shots haha. Too bad my camera is having more of a life adventure than I am. It's in Syria now joy!

Maybe I should just catch a plane somewhere too. You only live once :)