Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007)

Rest in peace.

I was doing my daily news rounds and I saw the headline: "Benazir Bhutto killed in suicide attack." My heart skipped a beat and then I clicked the link. I don't know why I was so shocked. The headline kinda left nothing to chance. I was so used to reading the news about her, Musharraf and Pakistan on BBC, but now she's dead. I really don't know why I feel so sad. It's strange.

People I knew had such differing opinions of her. Some thought she was a great leader, others thought she was just like any other candidate, while some called her an infidel and another "American-puppet". I was wondering what would happen at the elections, but I guess chaos is all that will happen now.

One of my closest friends is in Pakistan. I hope he's alright.


Got my HSC results this morning!! Non-NSW(Australia) people read: Got my A-levels/VCE/GCSE/etcetera results this morning!! They came out at 6 a.m. (obviously I stayed up). As you can see, I ARE WINNAR!! Click the picture for a totally untouched image of what I endured 12 years of education to see:

English! How I love thee! After blasting me away with 87 last year, now you bless me with a 95! NINETY-FIVE!?! OMFG. There must be something wrong with the world. Maths, my enduring companion, never-failing in providing me with uber marks all the time! *Hugs*.

Chemistry. YOU WHORE. After ALL the work I put into you, all that time, effort, passion and rambling, all you turn out is a measly 94?? GUESS WHAT?? NINETY-FOUR RHYMES WITH WHORE!! HAHAHAHAH.

People kept txting me and calling me today. It's one of those times when I become instantly popular and oh so cynical. Anyway, UAI's come out tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Yes! Bow down to me NOW! I am clearly superior to all of you unemployed PLEBIANS!! Muahahaha! Ahem. After years and years of terrible self-esteem destroying degrading job-hunting I have finally got a job. I'm typing this now from the computer at my desk. It's so COOL.

Basically my brother is a research assistant at UNSW and I'm his assistant. Well, unofficial assistant. Technically I'm not allowed to be in this building. I was in the tea-room making a cup of tea and the EVIL-ADMIN lady came up behind me and started interrogating me. It was SCARY. She asked me who I was, what I was doing in this building, etc. etc. and I made up so much bullshit up on the spot but she kinda suspected it and went and told my brother. LoLLers.

My brother heaps most of his dirty work on me; I gotta sort through a CRAP load of data. It's amazing. I didn't know a ".txt" file could be a few gigabytes in size. They contain just INSANE amounts of data about markets and lots of crap I don't know about but eventually will. Like bid-ask prices and stock indices and the SP100. My brother's boss (his lecturer actually) has a 2 terabyte hard-drive under his desk. Wows.

At least I'll get lots of monies. $20/hr! SO kewl.