Dyann Bakes!

I found a REALLY cool video-blog (podcast, whatever u wanna call it) called Dyann Bakes!

It's a very professional looking blog on baking tips! Yes, baking tips. These sorts of things make me excited LOL. The host, Dyann, is fun to watch, unlike other cooking show hosts who just drawl and drawl and make you wanna stab them with their super-expensive cooking equipment you wish was in your hands instead of theirs...*cough*. Anyway.

I was viewing a kewl one about making buttercream (well, "Swiss Meringue Buttercream" if you wanna get fancy XD) and felt like making it. So i did! Heh. I have this weird subconscious dislike for buttercream. I think it's cos i made it once ages ago with some really bad recipe and it tasted so nasty, like sweet oiliness in ur mouth. Nasty.

But this recipe makes a HEAVENLY buttercream. Here's a pic:

It looks kinda gross in this pic, but yeh, wtf, it tastes good. LOL. *Sigh*. I REALLY need to stop procrastinating. My exams are coming up and i'm passing my time making creamy stuff. Ah, who cares! Waiting on more goodie little baking tips from Dyann!!

Fine Piece of Ass!

Oops. I meant "Fine Piece of Art". Not. Anyway, here's a little funky little sketch I made in my sister's notepad when I was dragged to an Islamic class when I totally wasn't in the right mood for it. See if you can decipher it's message:

I think it kinda says something about me when being bored in an Islamic class makes me draw amorous plants...

Eating: Pineapple upside-down cake soaked in CUSTARD!!

Mood: Nervous as hell about my lame upcoming exams...

Harry Potter and The Corny Offspring!

Back again, after quite a while. Finally, some peace and quiet so I can rant about the final Harry Potter book. *Cries*. It's the LAST ONE!! Am I the only depressed one here?? I feel so sad that there isn't going to be another book after this one, nothing to look forward to anymore!!

Or is there?

Anyway, back to the last book. My sister pre-ordered it ages ago, and I had to go pick it up from Borders at Town Hall. When I went to the station OMFG THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS PASSED THROUGH!! Fake, duh, but it was SO magical, I can't explain it! The whole station was filled with steam as it passed through and the little kids on it were screaming "HARRY POTTER!!" and I got all excited and started running to see it. I felt like such a kid all over again. I guess nothing in the world except J. K. Rowling could make people at my age lose all our inhibitions and go nuts over a BOOK! That's why I'll miss it SO much...

God, I'm still having withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, I went to the city with Fatty, then I waited outside in the long queue going nuts, laughing like a loony. I was SO excited.

And then, FINALLY. It was in my hands. I ran all the way to the train and started reading it straight away. Intense stuff. Or so I thought....

!!! SPOILERS !!!

[If you haven't Book 7 stop reading now!]

I read it really fast, I didn't want anyone to spoil it for me, but I can't help that I felt kinda disappointed. Umm, not GREATLY, just a little twinge of "Err. Is that it?" I think it's because it's the last book, we all kinda expected JKR to pull out something amazing, but it was ok. This is after a single read mind you. I might change my mind after a second time...

Notable/Favourite Parts:

HEDWIG. Omfg. JKR! Why?? That was totally uncalled for! KILLING Hedwig just for the heck of it. I mean, you already proved how ebil Voldy was when you killed what's her name, Charity Cabbage, but not Hedwig! And THEN you went and killed DOBBY!! FAR OUT!! THAT IS SO MEAN! I was on the verge of tears at that one. Stuff the humans, no one cares about them! Lupin, Tonks, Fred, etc. Pfffft! Who gives? But Hedwig and Dobby?!

"Here Lies Dobby, A Free Elf." *Sniff*...

MS WEASLEY YOU BEAST! Woohoo!! All-time favourite moment in all the books! You cannot get a better duel than that. Just the thought of plump Ms Weasley duelling that ugly scary Bellatrix and killing her, it's so funny. Haha, that was the most satisfying thing i've ever read^*. I can't wait for the 7th movie!!

"NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" - As she busts Bellatrix's ass.

Last, but definitely not least, Snape. *Gasps*. He is now, by far, my favourite character in the series. After all the seven books, all the hatred, mystery and WTF, it turns out he was the most enigmatic, selfless, romantic person out of them all. That Snape/Lily/Petunia flashback was so heart-wrentching! Snape's undying love for Lily, Petunia begging Dumbledore to let her into the wizarding world, it was so emotional! When Snape asked Harry to "Look at me!" so he could see Lily's eyes one more time before he died....*Cries*. That was just so sad!!

Ok, so those were my favourite parts in the book, now, here's my rant after I finished the book for the first time. I dunno, its a bit emotional...

Emotional Rant:

OMFG. Can I scream really loud now? Yes?? Argh. I mean, yeh kudos to Rowling for finishing it but for crying out loud ALBUS-SEVERUS?? SCORPIUS?? WTF that epilogue wud’ve killed Voldy and ALL his skanky horcruxes in BOOK ONE I TELL YOU!! FLAT OUT he wud’ve had an orgasm over the evil of the the forced Ron/Hermione thing (he gets off on teh evilness of it; I mean seriously, JK ROWLING! RON = dumb red-headed insecure dood who never gets over his insecurity in the WHOLE BLOODY SERIES, whereas Hermione is the genius feisty biatch who gets INTERNATIONAL QUIDDITCH PLAYERS DOTING ON HER perky ASS and yet she hooks up with him and has two kids called joe and stacy (insert your favourite bogan names). FAR OUT. I just realised what a bloody waste of time book 1 to 7 were. ARGH I am so pissed at how bad and PREDICTABLE THAT ENDING WAS >_> It seemed so rushed and I dunno WTF. ACCIO HAGRID? LAZY MUCH? The middle was SO damn boring. AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS? Had nothing to do with it!! ARGHH. And Malfoy didn't get to do much AGAIN. *sigh*.


For the record, I don't think it was that bad anymore. Snape/Lily was worth the whole series. I know, i'm such a hopeless romantic.


Eating: A thin slice of light-rye Vienna bread toasted to crispness and covered with a thin layer of butter and honey. Most delicious.

Mood: SO sad! And depressed and nostalgic and happy and emotional all at once!!

Profile updated...

Woohoo! Yay! Finished my tidying up my profile! Put up a pic of myself if anyone cares (I'm relaxing my paranoia over some family or friend finding this blog and reading it; ah well). It's not the MOST flattering photo, but we'll fix that later won't we? =D.

Yes! I am currently 17 (not the most emotionally stable age, but good enough for now), male (for the time being LOL), an Aries (which means something I really don't know and really don't care, although I do have this friend who thinks horoscopes are satanic...) and born in the Year of the Horse (which I personally much prefer to the goat-connotations of Aries. Baaaa).

Anyway, here's a little sneak peak into where I live for all you ppl out there. I'd say it's for the pedophiles but unfortunately for them I'm legal (it's not as exciting *shrug*). ANYWAY, here it is, thanks to Google Maps:

Lakemba, Lakemba, Lakemba. What a great place to live. Why, let's see what Google has to say about this most gloriously exclusive of abodes!


Dammit. It's pretty tame stuff. Well, just watch some Channel 7 or 9 and you'd think I lived in a hell-hole, with bombs dropping out of the sky 24/7. Well, there was this one time my area was full of cops, and media helicopters waking me up every morning because of some lame incident with some mufti-fella...*cough*.

It's great to be me! :D


I would seriously like to blog a bit more, pretty interesting things have happened lately but to be honest I just can't be frikkin bothered. Sorry!

Coals and chestnuts...

I had a BBQ at a Fatty's place today. I really don't know why, but I felt that it was such a neanderthal-ish experience. The sheer amount of MEAT they gave me was quite perverse*, seeing as how I'm used to a super rice-packed Asian diet (which is SO much better than Lebanese food mind you). And it was cooked over a coal BBQ; as in a metal case-thingy propped up on 4 metal rods, filled with coals, just glowing, and the meat was cooked on that.

Anyway, later, when everyone finished eating I just sat in front of the coals, and played around with them. The glow was nice. It was such a cave-man moment, with the feral cats fighting over my food scraps....

I ate chestnuts roasted in the hot coals. They were very sweet.

*It reminded me of that scene in the first Mortal Kombat movie where some huge guy is sitting in front of a table packed with food and he grabs a large drumstick and munches it and then chucks it away...

That was the first movie I ever watched in cinemas OK! I'm allowed to obsess over it and remember completely irrelevant scenes!!!

Phlegm, oh, glorious phlegm!

Gawd. I am so diseased right now. Every morning I wake up and my nose are clogged with tons of very nasty stuff I really don't feel like describing right now. And to get it all out I gotta blow with enough force to pop half my blood-vessels. Yes. Let your imagination go wild. Think yellow. Think thick n' juicy. Think CREAMY!!! [The links aren't that bad. Trust me :P]

Ok. TMI.

And the cough! OMFG the cough is painful...everytime a blob of nasty mucous comes out, or even if there is no mucous, my throat burnsss I tell you! IT BURNSSS SO MUCH!!! I need something to cool down my throat. I've been overdosing on hot-chocolate lately. Damn coffee machine makes TEH nicest hot chocolate hehe!

Anyway, Dominatrix gave me her LiveJournal link, and I did this quiz on it and the results were OMFG freaky accurate which I shall talk about later once you all come of age!! R18+!!

Eating: Nothing. I feel like losing weight! *Shrug*. We-ell, I looked in a full-body mirror and I looked pretty fat-ass ok!! Bite me!!

Mood: Tired again. I think it's all the damn viruses having sex inside my cells. GET A ROOM ALREADY!!