Daring Bakers - Challenge NINE!

And the challenge for January is .... Tuilles!

This month's challenge is brought to us by Karen of Bake My Day and Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte aka Kochtopf. They have chosen Tuiles from The Chocolate Book by Angélique Schmeink and Nougatine and Chocolate Tuiles from Michel Roux.

[Do click on it.]

I call it the Fortuitous Fruit Bowl.

Bit of a lazy effort, I know. Tartlette did some brilliant work! I had something in mind like that but it is so hot and I am so lazy. So instead, in the Chinese New Year spirit, which happened to fall on Australia Day, I made fortune cookies from French tuille batter and took a picture using Japanese technology.

I love multiculturalism.

Food Review: Canele Chocolate Patisserie!!

Hello friends! Here as promised, is my latest food review! It concerns the Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie (which by the way, I cannot pronounce) a classy little boutique based out of Singapore.

Anyway, as you my notice, the quality of my food porn pictures has increased by quite a degree! This is because I now have a DSLR camera which is uber awesome. Yes. Awesome. I encourage you all to click on the pics to see them in HUGE AWESOME QUALITY.

But enough babbling, onto the food!

I'm not exactly sure why they called themselves a chocolate patisserie since it didn't really seem like it had much of a chocolate emphasis. The place was very classy though. Black. A lot of black decor. Nice bags.

This little beauty was called The Jupiter. Anyone want to suggest any reasons why? The most brilliant icing job with the ganache; it was just SO smooth. And the sides were so vertical. It was wondrous to look at....

...tasting it however, was a different story. I'm not sure who thought putting passionfruit puree in the middle of dark chocolate mousse was a good idea, but let me just say it is not. It made it feel like there was something sour and greasy in my mouth, like the mousse was off. Not a good taste.

But it was so bloody pretty, so have another look. Ah! Sigh.

This next cake was called the Matcha, for reasons I would completely not have know had I not joined the Daring Bakers. They seem to like incorporating matcha powder into a lot of things, those Daring Baker people. Green tea powder.

This one was much better than the Jupiter; it had a bit of a graininess to it though. I'm not sure what it was. It was meant to be a green tea mousse or something. The biscuit at the bottom was kind of nice as well.

Last of the cakes, and probably the least, is this weird triple layered cheesecake thing that just tasted weird. I'm probably doing it a big injustice because I ate it when it was a bit warm, so I'm not going to say anymore about it. Not as pretty as the others though.

And now for the fun part...


[Haha. Like as if you didn't know it was coming :P]

Caramel, Raspberry, Chocolate, Rose, Passionfruit & Pistachio.

So here's my macaron review:

1. Passionfruit: [6/10] It was not too chewy, no air bubbles at all, a reasonably well made macaron. Little bit grainy/dry but it was still very nice. The passionfruit flavour was very strong. Very nice flavour.

2. Pistachio: [7/10] Very moist. Texture was very very good. The pistachio flavour was very delicate and soft but it was clear. Good flavour.

3. Rose: [8.5/10] Much much better balance of the rose flavour than macarons I've had in Australia, which tend to be too overpowering. A delicious buttercream that reminded me so much of a Malay drink called Bandung (which is basically rose syrup + milk). So moist. Again, the rose flavour was the perfect amount.

4. 80% Chocolate: [7/10] A well made macaron with a good strong chocolate flavour.

5. Raspberry: [7.5/10] A moist macaron filled with raspberry jam, which was sweet and slightly tart, which was a good offset too all the great sweetness.

6. Caramel: [9/10] My favourite out of all of them! Such a delicious salted caramel taste! Ah the caramel flavour in the moist macaron was just heavenly. Just so good.

I hope I don't sound too pretentious. I'm just writing down what I truly felt about everything I tasted on that day. At the end of the day everyone has their own set of tastebuds. I hope you found the pictures enjoyable!

[Fed to my little sister. I know, I'm so nice right?]

Orchard Road

I just came back from a 5-hour marathon shopping session (well more like sight-seeing session since we didn't really buy anything except food) with my little sister at Singapore's CBD area a.k.a. ultimate shopping district: Orchard Road. Ouchie ouch my feet hurt. I don't know how you people do this on a regular basis.


LMAO. I really want to buy Crisco (i.e. vegetable shortening) from Singapore because I've tried looking everywhere for it in Sydney and I JUST FOUND OUT the only place you can buy it is from a sex shop on Oxford St. OMFG. Damn Wilton-style buttercream better taste good if my only options are lugging a huge can of fat on an A380 or going into a sex shop to buy it as a quasi-lubricant. URGH.


Hey EVERYONE!! I'm still on holiday; joy! I came back from the Gold Coast on Wednesday. Such a good place for a holiday. Especially that I went with my friends! You can get up to so much wacky crap and no one cares haha. Poor Queenslanders. Who knew bleaching your hair was so easy? Asian hair too!

Anyway, now I'm in singapore with my Dad and little sis. A bit less exciting but the food and shopping is a LOT better. Ah Singapore! So much to do.

I found a baking specialty store. So retarded that they are so bloody rare in Sydney. Spent a LOT. I forgot what a bloody expensive hobby baking is.

Now listen to me rant:

People here are really confused about what "type" of person I am (i.e. race). Everyone's a little bit racist here (go on admit it) but it's ok cos I'm kinda weird-looking and everyone just assumes I'm from them. Chinese talk Chinese to me, Malays talk Malay to me and in both cases I have no idea whats going on. Smile and nod, penguins, smile and nod. Someone thought I was Thai.

I feel really tall here.

My dad has always lived and still lives a difficult life. He becomes irritable and very moody so easily and can really blow-off his top and go nuts and make me hate him for a while, but I just can't help but feel sorry for him so much sometimes. He works insane shifts at work and I think he feels like he has nobody. He is the type of person who finds it very difficult to connect emotionally to people (I think it was his own traumatic growing-up experience). He lives alone in Singapore. Sigh.

There are bloody huge cockroaches here.

Also I have to choose a language to study at uni BOOHOO! I transferred to commerce/arts cos I'm a freak and now I don't know what to do. Time to set up my first poll!

Car rage...

I locked the keys in the car. Again. *RAGE*. Except this time it was the new car and it doesn't have a spare key. *RAGE*. I called my mum expecting help and/or support but she was being unfortunate and told me to "deal with it" and hung up in my face. *RAGE*. I called up NRMA but the car wasn't registered with them so they said, "Sorry we can't help you." *RAGE*. Then I called up a locksmith and hard to fork out $110 so he could stick a wire in through the window and pull up the lock. *RAGE*.



Sigh!! So many interesting things happening in my life right now it's TOO MUCH LOLOL. Freakin' Malay society money embezzlement total bustjobs, all the parents punching each other up its just SO FUNNY. I NEED IN! And finding out about the secret lives of friends LOL ARGH TOO MUCH why didn't he just tell me LOLOL. I am losing it! Must be the damn work getting to me. I wish wish wish I could go back in time and ctrl-z.

Today's featured fat-ass

I choose to paint a jazzy wall in my room for fun, I went to do it, climbed up to the top of the ladder, the ladder collapsed, and screamed, fell and now my back really hurts.

God is sending me a message. And somewhere in that message it says "...watch where you're going fat-ass!" See! Even God likes Mean Girls.

Oh and the "feature wall" looks like complete shit.