I came home from school today (after going to my friend's place and playing Singstar ^_^) and I looked in the mirror and saw this pimply looking lump on my cheek. I squeezed it and then blood just GUSHED out, like heaps more than if you pop a normal pimple. I kept squeezing it (something I don't recommend LOL) and then I used a tissue to apply pressure on it.

When it stopped bleeding, I wiped off all the blood and was met with such a nasty sight. YUCKK! It was like a group of 3 facial craters. It looked SO bad. YUCK. ARGH. Ok, here's a photo. Note that I am puffing out my cheek to make it easier to see, I'm not that tubby:

But, of course, you need a close up shot to display this monstrosity in all its bloody nastiness. I almost feel like not posting the close-up shot because it's so damn creepy to have this on my face, but then again, sometimes creepy is interesting. Or not:

MAN! How disturbing is THAT!? Things like this just creep me out SO much; like lotus roots and stuff. Ok, bad comparison. Has anyone seen that forward where a doctor pulls out worms from an African woman's breast? YEH. That sort of creepy ok!!


Mood: Creeped out. Seriously, majorly. And half-laughing because the post-title sounds like DONNA KARAN NEW YORK. Would you buy GNFY clothes? ;D


One of my four cats ran away! :( Normally this wouldn't be so bad because they always find their way home some way or another, but this time it is REALLY bad, for a few reasons. One, its Moo-Moo, the biggest lostie of a cat in history, who will surely die if left out alone, unlike his Amazonian warrior sisters. All of then just turned four years old last Saturday, all born under the couch. Mummy Cat run off a few months after she gave birth. She preferred the single life. *Shrug*.

LOOK AT IT! It is sooo pathetic. Last night I stuck heaps of these around my street with Khad. Moo-moo just came back from the VET with a useless leg, with just got drained of pus or something. It formed an abscess because another cat bit it. Grrr. Evil stray cats. Argh! I looked for it last night and I can't find it anywhere...Someone left the door open and it ran out, and now its bloody lost and practically dead.


Edit: Moo-moo's back! As friggin annoying as ever! LOL.

You Know You're A Chemistry Nerd When...

  • You know more about Haber than Hitler.
  • Smoke coming out from a truck's exhaust pipe makes you think of the formula for incomplete combustion.
  • You see a mole on a person's face, you call them AVOGADRO.
  • You spray deodorant on yourself and think, "This mixture of esters smells quite nice."
  • You don't use deodorant.
  • You use a molecular modelling kit to make a dog, and you name it ethanol.
  • Yes, ethanol does look like a dog.
  • You get upset by yellow candle flames (think of all that CARBON MONOXIDE!!)
  • You don't form friendships, you form hydrogen bonds.
AND last but not least, my favourite:

Q: Why did the white bear dissolve in water?
A: Because it was polar.



That woke you up didn't it? Haha, its all Am's fault, I thought people would get my art. Maybe it's just her XD LOL. Anyway...

Contact Adhesives...


I had no idea that contact adhesives bond to themselves! That is sooo weird. And really interesting too. No wonder they tell you to let both sides dry for 20 minutes, haha! I never used to listen to that.

Maybe that's why everything I own is falling apart LOL. Ok, back to sticking this towel holder onto the toilet wall...

Drinking: Milk tea! What else!?

HAHA @ My Chem Speech...

Today I had to do a chemistry presentation in front of my class, the last assignment of my entire schooling life! Makes me sad, and happy at the same time. It was about the production of sulfuric acid, through the Frasch and Contact Processes. Don't ask, I can't be bothered explaining it again.

But look at this KEWL pic I made all by me lonesome, using Photoshop and Paint:

Pretty isn't it?

Anyway, I accidentally evaporated a bit of sulfuric acid during my speech and the whole lab was fuming in acid, and everyone breathed it in and the asthmatics went nuts. Damn teacher took off marks for "lack of safety procedure". Boohoo!

Lindt Cafe!

Behold! The LINDT CAFE! A cafe built exclusively to serve its patrons with tender, heavenly chocolate, velvety ganache, tantalisingly smooth hot chocolate and crispy waffles! GASP. I am drooling at my own corny prose!!

Anyway, I went to this place a while ago with Am and company, I only had waffles though. $12 bucks each JAYSUS. I'm not rich ok!! I would have loved to have ordered everything, but ah well, life is unfair. Have a look at some of their delicious foods:

LOOK AT THESE CAKES. I was standing there, drooling all over the glass. Each one costs an arm and a leg, so I doubt I'll be tasting them anytime soon. *Sob*

Pretty chocolate...

No idea they could make almonds look so delicious!

I want this cake NOW! LOOK AT IT!!! SO SMOOTH!!!

I didn't see these chairs when I was there. Weird...

Voodoo chocolate! ME wants!


Oh man. I want this cake. I want ALL THEIR CAKES! FEEED MEEEEE!!


OMFG. I've been sucking on a $1 gobstopper all day, and I just got to the middle, and I BIT on it, and GROSS PINK CHEWY STUFF CAME OUT. YUCK. It tasted SO funky!

Note-to-self: Never buy cheap gobstoppers from vending machines at Centro Bankstown...


This is my life. Apparently. I clicked a couple of colours and Voila!

ColorQuiz.comEvil Lemon took the free personality test!

"Shelves his ambitions and forgoes his desire for..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Can I disagree with what the COLOURS say??

Suidical! Thanks Exams!!

Yay! More exams! Today I had the Maths Extension 1 exams. Woopee. Except I didn't go as well as I wanted to, I wanted to ace it, but NOOO! Arnold and Arnold had to be a pair of whores and shove in the hardest binomial question damn them...

Anyway, implementing a 11-hour a day study program (LOL @ deluded self). Hope it works; got a Maths Extension 2 exam on friday. Anyway, Az said I had a cute blue car. One, it's not mine, it's a family car, and two, it's GREEN. And she said I looked suicidal. Skank.

Eating: Actually, drinking. Hot chocolate made with fresh milk. It makes such a difference! Powdered milk taste skanky. But DADDY says powdered milk is cheaper and is practically the same thing. Yeh. Sure. Anyway, I'm getting better at making these hot drinks. They turn out real pretty.

Mood: Suicidal? Need I say more?


NOO!! Exam time. Sucks balls. Every exam makes me more and more depressed. Not that I failed or anything, just that I'll get pushed off my comfortable little pedestal by people who decide to start studying in their last year of school. Good plan if you ask me.


Anyway, English Paper One was good, except the part when my English teacher said my story sucked (even though I thought it was pure genius...), Paper Two SUCKED MAJORLY, my time management DIED. And then Chemistry. OH! Here my time management really died. I wrote a whole page for a two marker, and half a page for a 6-marker, and didn't finish properly.

Someone shoot me PLEASE.

First Concert EVER!!

I went to the Sounds of Light Concert! Fundraising money for the ORPHANS of the WORLD!! I thought it was gonna be seriously lame, since it was all anasheeds, but turned out to be quite fun! First we went to Acer Arena, and waited outside for my eldest brother, who's always late. GOSH. SO. MANY. MUSLIMS!! I get nervous around large groups of muslims. Even though I'm one of them. Self-hating muslim maybe?

Anyway, as I'm contemplating the worst, I look up and see a poster for a GWEN STEFANI concert! Have I ever mentioned my Gwen Stefani obsession? Here's the poster:

Supercool. *Plans a sekrit outing*. Anyway, then my brother arrives, and we file in. The stage was quite big. There were so many seats, the stadium is just HUGE:

It ended up being really cool. RAIHAN and AHMAD BUKHATIR FTW. No challenge!! The others were either self-absorbed Arab types or just plain lame. Or bored. Bukhatir's voice is just so amazing, its creepy. People aren't meant to sound that good live!! And HAHA that comedian dood I can't remember his name, he was hilarious. Go see his "Allah Made Me Funny" show!! You won't regret it!

The AMAZING healing powers of the body...

Looky look!! My nasty cut from paintball (the one I got when some nOOb shot me from too close) is healing quite nicely, if I could say so meself. I didn't think it was ever gonna was oozing all over the place and I'm not very meticulous with looking after cuts and stuff. I wash my hair too much (thanks Dom...) so the cut keeps getting all wet and not-healing.

Here's what it was BEFORE:

And look NOW!

Yes, the human body is totally amazing. [Edit: Actually, it doesn't look like anything happened.] It's still healing, I might be left with a scar. Quite a large piece of skin fell off. Scar tissue FTW.

Eating: Chicken soup. And not for the soul.

Mood: Wondering why I'm nervous. Oh yeh, HSC trials tomorrow.


Yes, for you poor, poor people, there's more Harry Potter! J. K. Rowling did a live chat on the Bloomsbury website and went nuts answering ppls questions, and she revealed all these kewl stuff about characters futures and stuff.

Read it here.