First Concert EVER!!

I went to the Sounds of Light Concert! Fundraising money for the ORPHANS of the WORLD!! I thought it was gonna be seriously lame, since it was all anasheeds, but turned out to be quite fun! First we went to Acer Arena, and waited outside for my eldest brother, who's always late. GOSH. SO. MANY. MUSLIMS!! I get nervous around large groups of muslims. Even though I'm one of them. Self-hating muslim maybe?

Anyway, as I'm contemplating the worst, I look up and see a poster for a GWEN STEFANI concert! Have I ever mentioned my Gwen Stefani obsession? Here's the poster:

Supercool. *Plans a sekrit outing*. Anyway, then my brother arrives, and we file in. The stage was quite big. There were so many seats, the stadium is just HUGE:

It ended up being really cool. RAIHAN and AHMAD BUKHATIR FTW. No challenge!! The others were either self-absorbed Arab types or just plain lame. Or bored. Bukhatir's voice is just so amazing, its creepy. People aren't meant to sound that good live!! And HAHA that comedian dood I can't remember his name, he was hilarious. Go see his "Allah Made Me Funny" show!! You won't regret it!