You Know You're A Chemistry Nerd When...

  • You know more about Haber than Hitler.
  • Smoke coming out from a truck's exhaust pipe makes you think of the formula for incomplete combustion.
  • You see a mole on a person's face, you call them AVOGADRO.
  • You spray deodorant on yourself and think, "This mixture of esters smells quite nice."
  • You don't use deodorant.
  • You use a molecular modelling kit to make a dog, and you name it ethanol.
  • Yes, ethanol does look like a dog.
  • You get upset by yellow candle flames (think of all that CARBON MONOXIDE!!)
  • You don't form friendships, you form hydrogen bonds.
AND last but not least, my favourite:

Q: Why did the white bear dissolve in water?
A: Because it was polar.