Suidical! Thanks Exams!!

Yay! More exams! Today I had the Maths Extension 1 exams. Woopee. Except I didn't go as well as I wanted to, I wanted to ace it, but NOOO! Arnold and Arnold had to be a pair of whores and shove in the hardest binomial question damn them...

Anyway, implementing a 11-hour a day study program (LOL @ deluded self). Hope it works; got a Maths Extension 2 exam on friday. Anyway, Az said I had a cute blue car. One, it's not mine, it's a family car, and two, it's GREEN. And she said I looked suicidal. Skank.

Eating: Actually, drinking. Hot chocolate made with fresh milk. It makes such a difference! Powdered milk taste skanky. But DADDY says powdered milk is cheaper and is practically the same thing. Yeh. Sure. Anyway, I'm getting better at making these hot drinks. They turn out real pretty.

Mood: Suicidal? Need I say more?