One of my four cats ran away! :( Normally this wouldn't be so bad because they always find their way home some way or another, but this time it is REALLY bad, for a few reasons. One, its Moo-Moo, the biggest lostie of a cat in history, who will surely die if left out alone, unlike his Amazonian warrior sisters. All of then just turned four years old last Saturday, all born under the couch. Mummy Cat run off a few months after she gave birth. She preferred the single life. *Shrug*.

LOOK AT IT! It is sooo pathetic. Last night I stuck heaps of these around my street with Khad. Moo-moo just came back from the VET with a useless leg, with just got drained of pus or something. It formed an abscess because another cat bit it. Grrr. Evil stray cats. Argh! I looked for it last night and I can't find it anywhere...Someone left the door open and it ran out, and now its bloody lost and practically dead.


Edit: Moo-moo's back! As friggin annoying as ever! LOL.