Lindt Cafe!

Behold! The LINDT CAFE! A cafe built exclusively to serve its patrons with tender, heavenly chocolate, velvety ganache, tantalisingly smooth hot chocolate and crispy waffles! GASP. I am drooling at my own corny prose!!

Anyway, I went to this place a while ago with Am and company, I only had waffles though. $12 bucks each JAYSUS. I'm not rich ok!! I would have loved to have ordered everything, but ah well, life is unfair. Have a look at some of their delicious foods:

LOOK AT THESE CAKES. I was standing there, drooling all over the glass. Each one costs an arm and a leg, so I doubt I'll be tasting them anytime soon. *Sob*

Pretty chocolate...

No idea they could make almonds look so delicious!

I want this cake NOW! LOOK AT IT!!! SO SMOOTH!!!

I didn't see these chairs when I was there. Weird...

Voodoo chocolate! ME wants!


Oh man. I want this cake. I want ALL THEIR CAKES! FEEED MEEEEE!!