The AMAZING healing powers of the body...

Looky look!! My nasty cut from paintball (the one I got when some nOOb shot me from too close) is healing quite nicely, if I could say so meself. I didn't think it was ever gonna was oozing all over the place and I'm not very meticulous with looking after cuts and stuff. I wash my hair too much (thanks Dom...) so the cut keeps getting all wet and not-healing.

Here's what it was BEFORE:

And look NOW!

Yes, the human body is totally amazing. [Edit: Actually, it doesn't look like anything happened.] It's still healing, I might be left with a scar. Quite a large piece of skin fell off. Scar tissue FTW.

Eating: Chicken soup. And not for the soul.

Mood: Wondering why I'm nervous. Oh yeh, HSC trials tomorrow.