Daring Bakers - Challenge TEN!

This happy February,
In the joyous spirit of Valentine Love,
We The Daring Bakers, present to you...

The Chocolate Valentino.

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef. We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.

With only 3 ingredients (chocolate, butter and eggs) this deliciously moist and delicate flourless cake truly brings out the flavour and quality of the chocolate you choose to use.

Layered with rasperry conserve and served with a vanilla bean ice-cream, this is one of the most delicious cakes I've made. And so easy to make as well! This is one cake I will definitely be making again.

Queue Jumper Killer

There's this horrible news story out recently I read on the BBC. It's about this woman in the UK who queue-jumped at a Sainsbury's and then when someone got angry at her she got her boyfriend to punch him but he punched the wrong guy and the poor dude died.

Like. WTF?

So some dumb shit got caught out about doing something wrong and reacted like an animal and now some poor dude who had nothing to do with it died and left behind a family.

What a completely pointless death!

I don't get it...

[via BBC...]


I thought I'd pop around and write something as there seems to be more people than ever coming round this joint to read me ramblings. So here I am!

Random thought: "Zack and Miri" is an awfully awkward film to be watching with a group of friends. O_O. But oh so funny! Hahahahaha. Funniest and dirtiest scenes ever GAWD. Go watch it yourself for details.


Went to uni again a few times and saw ALL the attention whores again and told them to ALL GO STICK STUFF UP IN THEIR DARK PLACES. And then I got a free lemon slushie and stole some pens from the Islamic Society stall. They always have good pens.

Bought a shart-load of text books I will probably never use, dreamt of learning Chinese, Japanese and French, and slowly realised that maybe it might be a little hard. But then I said WHO CARES and dreamt of punching James Vincent in his Ghana-ish face.

But it's not his fault. He's a nice guy.

I met up with my academic mentor (mentor-ess to be more precise; I love morphology) who was really nice and indirectly encouraged me to get counselling because I didn't have a HD average the uni wanted me to get and told me that "I too know how it's like being a foreign student".

Note to self - people think I'm a foreign student! Read: exotic. Work it! Yay. Now I'll get some pity points from her. Pity she's an accounting professor. I wish I got someone from the economiccs department or something.

And I won another hannari tofu plushie from the claw game woohoo!

Letter to the Pisser

Dear Mr Tomkat,

While I do realise your pissing all over my door-step at least once a week is the only way you know how to express your deep feelings of love for the 3 female cats of my household, I must inform you that not only does it make me want to wringe your neck from the disgusting smell that only a strong bleach-assisted scrubbing will remove, but also that all the 3 pretty female cats that prance around tempting you with their bodies have, unfortunately, had their female parts removed, and so they are as butch as they come and have utterly no interest in you or your strange masculine cat pissing rituals.


- Ahmad.

Life, Reading and The Wheel of Time


I totally forgot I'm supposed to be watching me language or else MVMU will reject me on moral grounds. NO! I really want my cooking blog. With cool graphic design.

Anyway, my Dad came and is driving me nuts (UTTERLY NUTS), my Mum ran away to live with her friend (joy for divorce) and I've just started the first book in the Wheel of Time series! I'm quite excited I've heard so many good things about it. And it's gigantic! I can feed my obsession for a while.

I hope it's not "awesome" like how Terry Pratchett was supposed to be "awesome". God I tried reading Small Gods and DIED of boredom. I'm really hoping just that one book was shit (there I go again. Sorry. Although it really was necessary language) so I can experience some more well written joy. But that book was just so bad.

Anyway. One day I too shall be a published author and you can remember how you read me first here. FU!


So anyway, I impulse bought a DSlite (cos I had a Pokemon craving), then I returned it, cos I found out a new version is coming out soon, and then I went out and bought more useless crap don't need and probably soon won't want. A consumerist through and through.


I just threw scraps of my skin into the bin.

Yes. My skin.

Cutting myself has never been so enjoyable.

Mainly because it doesn't hurt. Wart-off is actually useful for something. Well more like "good" for something. If you can call the strange sort of pleasure you get from peeling strips of dead skin off or cutting blisters off and watching strange sticky fluids burst out "good", that is.

Usually I'd have gone to the doctor to let him do all the dirty work. But my sleeping patterns are just so insane (my sleeping hours are other peoples working hours) that I'd never get a chance to actually go to the doctor.

Plus, it's kinda fun.

If I could somehow get rid of the pain when it blisters, if I ever got bored (like REALLY bored) I'd so go to the pharmacist, buy wart-off and apply it somewhere inconspicous and peel off the dead skin.


Dusty the Cat

Internet raids are scary. Especially when /b/ is involved.

So I went on my computer yesterday and Reddit's frontpage linked to some creepy ass video of this nutjob kid bashing a cat. Ah it was so dreadful. The cat was just so scared and silent most of the video, just taking all the abuse. It was clear that it had taken that sort of treatment before.

Then the internets gets angry and really quickly the kids details get uncovered and his phone number, address, etc all get posted up on 4chan and he gets his own little dedicated website:


Ah. Justice is scary.


Wart-off is the most disturbing medicine I have ever used. And is also the first time a cure has hurt more than the disease. You see I woke up one day and realised I had three little warts (planta warts) on 3 fingers and went to the doctor. The warts were tiny and didn't hurt at all, no discomfort whatsoever, you could hardly see them unless I told you where to look.

Anyway, the doctor prescribed wart-off. He told me to keep applying it. I thought it would just go away, but then my fingers started to sting and blister. I went to the doctor and he got all happy that it was blistering ("Ah! I like it when it blisters." WTF?) and started hacking away at the skin. It turns out wart-off is actually an acid solution designed to make your skin die/blister/fall-off.

Then he said repeat for another week.

Now I am on day 2 of said "another week" and the skin has already completely fallen off. It is SO freakin scary. I applied it for 2 days, the skin raised up, and then fell off. There's these weird white patches on my fingers now where the skin fell off.

It is so so so disturbing.

But I keep applying it.

Terima Kasih

Oh the joys of being lost in translation. Apparently the Malay phrase for "thank you" means "your mother is well worn out" in punjabi.

Terima kasih - Thank you.
Teri mah kasih - Your mum is a [censored].

Well technically not a [censored]. But if you call a person's mother "well worn out" I would only assume at least a few people would come to that conclusion...