I just threw scraps of my skin into the bin.

Yes. My skin.

Cutting myself has never been so enjoyable.

Mainly because it doesn't hurt. Wart-off is actually useful for something. Well more like "good" for something. If you can call the strange sort of pleasure you get from peeling strips of dead skin off or cutting blisters off and watching strange sticky fluids burst out "good", that is.

Usually I'd have gone to the doctor to let him do all the dirty work. But my sleeping patterns are just so insane (my sleeping hours are other peoples working hours) that I'd never get a chance to actually go to the doctor.

Plus, it's kinda fun.

If I could somehow get rid of the pain when it blisters, if I ever got bored (like REALLY bored) I'd so go to the pharmacist, buy wart-off and apply it somewhere inconspicous and peel off the dead skin.