Life, Reading and The Wheel of Time


I totally forgot I'm supposed to be watching me language or else MVMU will reject me on moral grounds. NO! I really want my cooking blog. With cool graphic design.

Anyway, my Dad came and is driving me nuts (UTTERLY NUTS), my Mum ran away to live with her friend (joy for divorce) and I've just started the first book in the Wheel of Time series! I'm quite excited I've heard so many good things about it. And it's gigantic! I can feed my obsession for a while.

I hope it's not "awesome" like how Terry Pratchett was supposed to be "awesome". God I tried reading Small Gods and DIED of boredom. I'm really hoping just that one book was shit (there I go again. Sorry. Although it really was necessary language) so I can experience some more well written joy. But that book was just so bad.

Anyway. One day I too shall be a published author and you can remember how you read me first here. FU!