Missed a challenge...

Ah sigh. I was not able to do this month's Daring Bakers challenge. That makes me really sad actually. I had a goal of never missing any challenges, and I was especially excited about this one, but life is life. Uni work piling up, work is not going very well (had my first boss chastising experience today :( it didn't feel good. I suck. Sigh).

Daddy's back in the house and is managing to drive everyone crazy AT THE SAME TIME (quite a gift I must say). Constantly invading the privacy of my room. Ok I gotta explain this story. You see my family is huge and the house is small so my whole life i've never really got any personal space and my brothers are the biggest slobs the world has, so all i've known is a mess I can never clean and no sense of privacy.

So one day my mum felt sorry for me and said I can have the back room if I clean it up and I pounced on it straight away, cleaned it up (oh the agony of painting) and spent a grand or so at IKEA and hey presto! My room is beautiful and its ALL MINE.

So I really don't like my dad coming in here and making bloody silver colloid under my study table. GOD. F*#$U*ING SILVER COLLOID. IT'S FAKE. GET IT INTO YOUR HEAD.

And now after all these years just when I get my own space DADDY wants to move HOUSES YAY SO ALL MY EFFORT GOES INTO THE BIN.


So I've started learning Chinese (mandarin). Every lecture/tute/seminar we sit there and chant pinyin until my throat is raw and dry and my tonsils also thought it would be a really good joke to pop up in an infestation at the same time.

I've learnt 6 characters out of 600 for this semester and I'm starting to get worried. Ah well. At least I'm studying in week 1, unlike in previous semesters. I want to fly away and die.

Uni Schmooni!

Uni starts tommorrow again.

Here's to an awesome semester of awesomeness.

*fingers crossed*.

Cakes cakes wonderful cakes....

One day I want to be able to make cakes like these...

...without using photoshop!

[via SweetArt]

What has been seen...

...cannot be unseen. :(

I went to the toilets at the shopping centre that is next to my old high-school. It smelt like shit so I just thought yay someone's been busy here. After I washed my hands I went to the hand-dryer machine and next to it was the rubbish bin.

And in the bin was a shit.


A shit.

Not a piece of shit.

A whole shit.

Someone actually chucked a shit in the rubbish bin. Either someone squatted on the bin and did it or actually bothered carrying the piece of defacation and putting it in the bin.

I'm guessing it was the latter (it was not surrounded by toilet paper or anything so I guess the sick dude carried it in his hand). I know almost 100% without a doubt it was a guy from my old school. They're all sick and demented like that. He definitely got some sort of sick sexual pleasure from doing something like that ARGH that is so nasty!!