What has been seen...

...cannot be unseen. :(

I went to the toilets at the shopping centre that is next to my old high-school. It smelt like shit so I just thought yay someone's been busy here. After I washed my hands I went to the hand-dryer machine and next to it was the rubbish bin.

And in the bin was a shit.


A shit.

Not a piece of shit.

A whole shit.

Someone actually chucked a shit in the rubbish bin. Either someone squatted on the bin and did it or actually bothered carrying the piece of defacation and putting it in the bin.

I'm guessing it was the latter (it was not surrounded by toilet paper or anything so I guess the sick dude carried it in his hand). I know almost 100% without a doubt it was a guy from my old school. They're all sick and demented like that. He definitely got some sort of sick sexual pleasure from doing something like that ARGH that is so nasty!!



J 4 March 2009 at 7:02 am  

My friend's friend (note: we've got a friend in between us) once did a shit on the night bus because he thought it'd be funny to watch the other passengers gag. True story.

Ahmad 4 March 2009 at 8:07 pm  


If i was telling that story to someone i'd add a few more friends in between. haha!