Spaghetti out of a can is just freakin' nasty. Do not try!! I would find a picture but I'm too lazy. Blogs without pictures are boring. No-one reads my blog. I want to earn $500 a week from my blog. GIVE ME MONEY!

Baked beans out of a can are quite tasty though. Never tried beef curry out of a can. Apparently its nice. According to Facebook my typing speed is 81 words/minute. Which is decent I suppose.

Hillary Clinton is so weird. Why'd she lie about that sniper thing for? I don't want to be one of those people who just HATE her just cos she's her, but still. She's so random. 3 am phone call scare tactics are just weird...

In other news, my friends want to go to the Royal Easter Show tomorrow and I want to go but I'm so broke. Damn scholarship money hasn't come in yet. I hate my job. Tutoring kiddies is hell. Especially when they don't answer their damn phones.

Want to know why I'm broke? Cos I love buying cake decorating equipment much too much. I like to make cakes. Have you noticed? Of course you have. I sound insane. Yay. But seriously. Cake decorating stuff (DAMN YOU WILTON) is so expensive:

All hail Tibet.

Allergic reaction...

As you can tell, I've (for the time being) given up on making a new template, so you'll have to bear with this only slightly lemon-tweaked blogger cookie-cutter template. Still pretty. HTML is just not my thing, and Blogger is being all hormonal, not allowing any edits.

Speaking of hormonal, MY BODY HAS GONE INSANE. I've had 2 allergic reactions attacks in the past 2 days, and my tonsillitis is flaring up again really badly. I seriously don't know what I'm allergic to; I just broke out in itchy bumps all over my body. I thought it was ok, then I went to sleep, and the next morning my eyelids were so swollen I couldn't open my eyes properly. It was BAD.

I went to the doctor straight away and he said my tonsils were really bad but he had to deal with this allergic reaction. Gave me a cortisone shot (which by virtue of the internets, I've just discovered was a steroid injection. Why am I not hot and muscular yet? :D. *Dreams*.)

That cleared up the allergy really quick. But it stung like a bitch!! Not the actual injection, but later on when the stuff spread in my arm it was such a painful dull ache. Ouch ouch. The itchiness came back though. It still comes back every now and then. It's like a wave of prickliness that just covers my entire body really quick and then goes away.

So weird.

Latest song obession: Caramelldansen. Damn internet memes...

In my uni easter break. *Dances!*

New template/layout...

Bear with me for a while as I molest my blog...

Uni overload...

Week 2 starts tomorrow. Week 1 was such a blur! I don't remember anything, and totally didn't learn anything. Right now I feel kinda overwhelmed. There's a lot of things I have to do, but no-one to guide me through it properly (could ask my siblings of course LOL). All these tutorial questions, assignments, presentations (ALREADY?!). It's such a weird load on my shoulders. I am OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE when it comes to being organised, so all this chaos is making me even more agitated and just all-out fuglified.

Recently something really strange happened. I've started to really, REALLY like the taste of coffee. Like seriously. Before a few days ago I was a typical adolescent total coffee hater. Hated the smell of it, the taste , the bitterness, everything! And now (omfg) I'm totally addicted. It TASTES SO GOOD! I think its a kindness from the Lord; once uni started He knew I would need the caffeine. Haha.

*Slurps coffee.*

(Not a good idea at night mind you.)

My first week has been rather strange actually. When I was walking to the bus-stop to go to Central station, this old man collapsed next to me and had a seizure. NO JOKE! Like a full on epileptic/old-person kind of shaking like crazy thing. I WAS SO SCARED!! I called the uni-emergency line but they didn't pick up (I was thinking WHAT THE HELL?) and so I called the emergency number (which is 000 in Australia). It was my first time ever calling the emergency number! It was cool/scary at the same time.

Maybe I should have taken a first aid course in high-school.

In other news, I had to be part of a photoshoot with other scholarship students. It was so freakin' random. Imagine sitting on the main pathway with 5+ other ppl as this crazy chick jumps up and down and takes photos of you and screaming "LAUGH! YES LAUGH! YES JUST LIKE THAT!! PRETEND YOU'RE TALKING TO HIM!! YESSS!! AH AH YES YES!!"

My uni reputation has been destroyed.

*Printer hums as I print out tomorrow's lecture notes...*



Well. It's not so bad. It's just so weird. Very different to high school. They should have prep courses for students. Seriously! Some kiddies might not be able to cope! I'm lucky I have a few friends from high school in the same course or else I'd be totally suicidal. So many people in these lectures and weirdos in tutorials; SO WEIRD.

The subjects I'm talking this semester (see, I know uni jargon now!) are:
  • ACCT1501 - Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A
  • ECON1101 - Microeconomics 1
  • FINS1612 - Capital Markets & Institution
  • MATH1151 - Maths - Actuarial & Finance 1A

This is a picture I took at the back of the accounting lecture. WHAT A BORE! Accounting is a nightmare. The lecturer was a Kiwi and he kept on droning on and on. Terrible. So I took out my food and started eating, contrary to uni policy. *SHOCK HORROR*!

"Accounting & Financial Management 1A"

So much walking. The campus is so bloody huge. I'm huffing and puffing everytime I walk into a lecture hall. I hate that! I'm always lateee and you gotta squish in between people you don't know and who you're not really in the mood to socialise with. And the transport! AH! The pain of having to take public transport everyday. *Sigh*. I would have loved to live on campus. But the only people who do are the international students and those who come from interstate. It's just not worth it if you live like an hour away. But the problem is that you never really get a chance to meet people.

Hmmm. I should join the tae-kwon-do club or something. Or the anime society! I already joined the chocolate society. LOL!

Maths and economics are good. Accounting and finance are death by boredom. Textbooks are so expensive I haven't even bought them yet. Course notes alone cost $50 each. Jeez. I'm so broke!



Here are a series of my firsts (for the first of the month). Strange, precious moments weirdly captured in photos by my trusty K610i. Reminds me of The Last Goodnight's "Pictures of Me" (link). Here we go:

I won a stuffed toy in an arcade pick-it (claw thingy) game.

I taste Japanese ramen (noodles + chicken + miso soup).

I did my first reverse parallel park.

I played squash for the first time.