Spaghetti out of a can is just freakin' nasty. Do not try!! I would find a picture but I'm too lazy. Blogs without pictures are boring. No-one reads my blog. I want to earn $500 a week from my blog. GIVE ME MONEY!

Baked beans out of a can are quite tasty though. Never tried beef curry out of a can. Apparently its nice. According to Facebook my typing speed is 81 words/minute. Which is decent I suppose.

Hillary Clinton is so weird. Why'd she lie about that sniper thing for? I don't want to be one of those people who just HATE her just cos she's her, but still. She's so random. 3 am phone call scare tactics are just weird...

In other news, my friends want to go to the Royal Easter Show tomorrow and I want to go but I'm so broke. Damn scholarship money hasn't come in yet. I hate my job. Tutoring kiddies is hell. Especially when they don't answer their damn phones.

Want to know why I'm broke? Cos I love buying cake decorating equipment much too much. I like to make cakes. Have you noticed? Of course you have. I sound insane. Yay. But seriously. Cake decorating stuff (DAMN YOU WILTON) is so expensive:

All hail Tibet.