Well. It's not so bad. It's just so weird. Very different to high school. They should have prep courses for students. Seriously! Some kiddies might not be able to cope! I'm lucky I have a few friends from high school in the same course or else I'd be totally suicidal. So many people in these lectures and weirdos in tutorials; SO WEIRD.

The subjects I'm talking this semester (see, I know uni jargon now!) are:
  • ACCT1501 - Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A
  • ECON1101 - Microeconomics 1
  • FINS1612 - Capital Markets & Institution
  • MATH1151 - Maths - Actuarial & Finance 1A

This is a picture I took at the back of the accounting lecture. WHAT A BORE! Accounting is a nightmare. The lecturer was a Kiwi and he kept on droning on and on. Terrible. So I took out my food and started eating, contrary to uni policy. *SHOCK HORROR*!

"Accounting & Financial Management 1A"

So much walking. The campus is so bloody huge. I'm huffing and puffing everytime I walk into a lecture hall. I hate that! I'm always lateee and you gotta squish in between people you don't know and who you're not really in the mood to socialise with. And the transport! AH! The pain of having to take public transport everyday. *Sigh*. I would have loved to live on campus. But the only people who do are the international students and those who come from interstate. It's just not worth it if you live like an hour away. But the problem is that you never really get a chance to meet people.

Hmmm. I should join the tae-kwon-do club or something. Or the anime society! I already joined the chocolate society. LOL!

Maths and economics are good. Accounting and finance are death by boredom. Textbooks are so expensive I haven't even bought them yet. Course notes alone cost $50 each. Jeez. I'm so broke!



amazonmidwife 13 March 2008 at 2:49 am  

You're making me nostalgic for my own college experience.

I also lived at home for the first year of college. It was a good thing; since I was the first person in my family to go to college, it was a safe harbor while we were all getting used to the changes of growing up, spending money on texts, heavier workloads, new friends. However, it was a branch campus of a bigger college and totally set up for commuters; there was no on-campus housing. So, there were a lot of lounges and areas where students could hang out between classes to study and socialize.
The next year, I went down to the main campus and lived in a co-ed by room residence hall. I really came out of my shell, got to decide what values were mine and what were my parents---develop my personal moral code. This was done by lots of late/all-night discussion and experiences with room and floormates, which I couldn't have had if I were still a commuter. (And there was a lot of sheer silliness and fun that I still remember fondly from my rez hall days.)

I did meet up with other commuter students at the main campus, esp. when I started my major classes. It gets easier to make friends when one is seeing the same people in many classes, study groups, etc.

So, I think there are lots of ways to get the same social/growth experience; I'm just not sure that *I* would have done as well without the on-campus experience.

Just some food for thought...sorry for the length and self-babblery.
But I am really glad to know that you've embarked on this part of your life. Congratulations! Study hard, discuss everything and have fun!

The Evil Lemon 16 March 2008 at 11:19 pm  

Thanks for the huge comments!! I love them srzly. I would leave a bigger reply but i'm so damn busy!! ARGH!!

- Ciao