Allergic reaction...

As you can tell, I've (for the time being) given up on making a new template, so you'll have to bear with this only slightly lemon-tweaked blogger cookie-cutter template. Still pretty. HTML is just not my thing, and Blogger is being all hormonal, not allowing any edits.

Speaking of hormonal, MY BODY HAS GONE INSANE. I've had 2 allergic reactions attacks in the past 2 days, and my tonsillitis is flaring up again really badly. I seriously don't know what I'm allergic to; I just broke out in itchy bumps all over my body. I thought it was ok, then I went to sleep, and the next morning my eyelids were so swollen I couldn't open my eyes properly. It was BAD.

I went to the doctor straight away and he said my tonsils were really bad but he had to deal with this allergic reaction. Gave me a cortisone shot (which by virtue of the internets, I've just discovered was a steroid injection. Why am I not hot and muscular yet? :D. *Dreams*.)

That cleared up the allergy really quick. But it stung like a bitch!! Not the actual injection, but later on when the stuff spread in my arm it was such a painful dull ache. Ouch ouch. The itchiness came back though. It still comes back every now and then. It's like a wave of prickliness that just covers my entire body really quick and then goes away.

So weird.

Latest song obession: Caramelldansen. Damn internet memes...

In my uni easter break. *Dances!*