Phlegm, oh, glorious phlegm!

Gawd. I am so diseased right now. Every morning I wake up and my nose are clogged with tons of very nasty stuff I really don't feel like describing right now. And to get it all out I gotta blow with enough force to pop half my blood-vessels. Yes. Let your imagination go wild. Think yellow. Think thick n' juicy. Think CREAMY!!! [The links aren't that bad. Trust me :P]

Ok. TMI.

And the cough! OMFG the cough is painful...everytime a blob of nasty mucous comes out, or even if there is no mucous, my throat burnsss I tell you! IT BURNSSS SO MUCH!!! I need something to cool down my throat. I've been overdosing on hot-chocolate lately. Damn coffee machine makes TEH nicest hot chocolate hehe!

Anyway, Dominatrix gave me her LiveJournal link, and I did this quiz on it and the results were OMFG freaky accurate which I shall talk about later once you all come of age!! R18+!!

Eating: Nothing. I feel like losing weight! *Shrug*. We-ell, I looked in a full-body mirror and I looked pretty fat-ass ok!! Bite me!!

Mood: Tired again. I think it's all the damn viruses having sex inside my cells. GET A ROOM ALREADY!!