Back again!!

Back to Blogger! wOOts!! Such a weird feeling coming back here after deleting my old blog; very nostalgic indeed. It's nice to face the Big-B again. Ahead we go, signing-in with my Gmail account (I didn't wanna have to switch from my old blogger account dammit!!), to write about all the weird things that happen in my life that no-one really cares about.

[Actually I did manage to get about 80 hits a day on the old blog, with a total of hundreds of thousands of hits, but that's another story. Pretty cool, eh? Anyway it turned into a porn-site, MAJOR wtf. And don't expect a link anytime soon :P hehe...]

Anyway, being the OCD-freak I am, my blog HAD to be nice and pretty before I'd start blogging (not to mention PERSONAL; I'm a very bad non-conformist. Bite me.) Notice the lemons everywhere, including the favicon, me nice little HTML-work? Yes, there is a reason behind the citrus-fetish, albeit a rather lame one...

All this HTML deciphering is a pain in the butt. Well, at least you don't have to wait months for a Google Analytics account anymore! Now I can stalk all you people INSTANTLY!!

Joke, people! Joke.

Eating: Vili's Gourmet Chicken Pie. Gawd! These are so good!! For a frozen pie, that was tasty. It actually had chunks of chicken in it, not just the ground-up half-soy crap they give us at school. And it had potatoes and carrots in it too!! A bit anglo if you know what I mean, but still tasty.

Mood: Nostalgic, and tired. All this HTML work is giving me a headache...


Amna 30 June 2007 at 11:18 pm  

Hmm should i be commenting? Or should i leave you to wallow in the black hole of your own ramblings? Oh, might as well, it'll make you feel loved XD I like the random links here and there.....incidently, the citrus fetish. Is. Not. Lame. Lemons are kewl. But i'm only saying that cause i inspired the lemoneyness XDD

This thing signed me in by itself. I did not tell it to sign me in. How dare it 0_o

The Evil Lemon 1 July 2007 at 4:03 pm  

Black hole? NAY! Yellow hole!! You must abide by the lemoniness which you inspired!

And yes, an MSN display pic is a very lame reason for a lemon-themed blog. But it turned out pretty so who's complaining? XD