Profile updated...

Woohoo! Yay! Finished my tidying up my profile! Put up a pic of myself if anyone cares (I'm relaxing my paranoia over some family or friend finding this blog and reading it; ah well). It's not the MOST flattering photo, but we'll fix that later won't we? =D.

Yes! I am currently 17 (not the most emotionally stable age, but good enough for now), male (for the time being LOL), an Aries (which means something I really don't know and really don't care, although I do have this friend who thinks horoscopes are satanic...) and born in the Year of the Horse (which I personally much prefer to the goat-connotations of Aries. Baaaa).

Anyway, here's a little sneak peak into where I live for all you ppl out there. I'd say it's for the pedophiles but unfortunately for them I'm legal (it's not as exciting *shrug*). ANYWAY, here it is, thanks to Google Maps:

Lakemba, Lakemba, Lakemba. What a great place to live. Why, let's see what Google has to say about this most gloriously exclusive of abodes!


Dammit. It's pretty tame stuff. Well, just watch some Channel 7 or 9 and you'd think I lived in a hell-hole, with bombs dropping out of the sky 24/7. Well, there was this one time my area was full of cops, and media helicopters waking me up every morning because of some lame incident with some mufti-fella...*cough*.

It's great to be me! :D