Job Hunting

There is no experience more depressing than job-hunting as a job experience-less teenager. People can be so mean! Sluts! I'll burn you all down one day. When I'm rich. And hot. Just like everyone else >_< ...

Anyway, I stayed up late fixing up my resume till it was all nice and purty and then the next day I got one of my friends to come and help me (cos he's jot a job and has done the whole thing already). I tried to print out 35 resumes but my printer is such a freakin' hormonal bitch (kinda like me XD) and only printed out 10 before the ink went all faded. Ah well.

Then I went to a local area and started. (!!!!). It was SO freaky. The first store I went into was this pharmacy. I asked to speak to the manager and all the jazz. Then it got a bit weird so I handed in my resume and went off.

And that's how I lost my job application virginity.

The rest of the day was just as depressing. SO horrible! And it was hard hiding that depression and putting on the fake enthusiastic thing so they don't think you're an emo and reject you (which wouldn't be that wrong in my case LOL). Then there was the curry chick who lied to me and deserved to be shot and anal probed with cactus. Just like those OTHER unspeakable people.