Paintball. Again.

I really can't be bothered doing this. I'm SO tired. My thighs are aching, my head hurts and I have bruises running down my side. FUN!! Right?? Well, comparatively anyway. Compared to the other peeps. Jaysus. One guy had so many bleeding welts running up and down his back he looked diseased.

Nothing much to talk about if you think about it. Just boys running around shooting each other with little balls of paint feeling all great about it. And screaming JIHAD. Got to meet up with some people I haven't seen in ages. That was nice.

There was this photo-montage thing on the wall of the paintball place showing pictures of people's injuries. It was quite gross. But if you looked closer here and there you'd see pictures of some weird paintball orgy. SERIOUSLY. There was this guy holding a gun and a hooker and OK NVM.

Yay! Now I'm utterly broke.