The End...

!!! HSC IS OVER !!!

!!! HSC IS OVER !!!

!!! HSC IS OVER !!!

I know, it's a bit late, wtf, but I've been a bit lazy lately and I really didn't want to do this post. Maybe its one of those sentimental things. Anyway, I finished my LAST high-school exam of my LIFE yesterday, 3u maths. It is so weird never having to do a maths paper again! wOOt! Anyway, here's my calender, marking off the lastest day of my high-school life:

Yes, I really am that anal. Don't ask. Well I wrote up the timetable in like May or something. This year was quick and slow. Strange. I am really finished. ALL MY EXAMS! I swear! I'm not lying. LOOK! Here's more proof:

HAHAHA. I know LOL! CAKE isn't much of evidence but WHATEVER TREVOR. This is my official HSC-is-over-cake, tiramisu with overwhelming amounts of creaminess. I think I might just be over cream.

It is so strange though, this feeling of never having to go back to school ever again. It's especially weird for me since I've been going there for 12 years straight. It's SO STRANGE! No more guilt over wasting hours on Digg or chatting away into the early hours of the morning, or going out with your friends and not having to study......

Never again will I walk through those weird halls at MFIS wondering what people think about me and getting weird looks from people and annoying comments from the juniors (that make me wonder what they really think, but should I really care?) to walk in to the class worrying who will be in there because I can't deal with everyone in the class very well (on the inside anyway) and fake it if I see people I don't want to see (which are not the people you would think; I hated seeing people I most wanted to see. Life's complicated...) and sitting down at a table wondering what this day will be like. Never again will I be able to annoy teachers just for the heck of it (and get away with it most of the time XD) or have paper ball wars (not that I took part in most of them) or rubber band slinging paper thingy wars (which I totally took part in; adding sticky tape to the paper made them lethal) or listen intently to seriously pointless gossip (which I REALLY enjoyed and a lot of them time was the centre of LOLL). Never again will I stand be part of the barbaric canteen line (seriously horrible) or skip class (to feel cool even though it was so damn easy) or try to get teachers fired (it was only once! I'm not evil) or be part of something amazing like muck-up day (link) or just be so damn care-free.

Never again will I have so much fun. I hope I'm wrong!!