Biker Herbal Essences...

Ok. It's 2:30 in the morning, the couch behind me is looking really comfy, and I just made a billion posts, after not making any posts for years, so this is the final one. Ok? Promise!?

I went to the pools with my friends the other day, that is Omar/Ejje and Sayed/Kak (put into romantic pairings for your yaoi convenience). We went to Homebush Olympic Park pools. Kewl place I suppose. Haven't been there in ages.

Anyway, nothing much to look at, it was same old. EXCEPT THE FREAKIN BIKER DOOD. Omg. It was so perverse. There were this shower things in the pool that gave out a pretty strongly pressured water flow. This biker looking guy, white, fat (as in HUGE belly) and long hair but really receding hair-line, was under the water thing looking like he was freakin having fantasies under the water it was SO GROSS. He was flicking his hair and doing all these weird things (almost exactly like that Herbal Essences ad) and I just turned the other way.

Totally weird.