Thai Hutt Lakemba

When I was in that phase of applying for jobs everywhere (which is over now since I got rejected by everyone) I briefly considered working as a waiter. That would be fun. I like to cook, and I thought maybe this would be my platform to spring into the industry. Or so I thought. Or maybe I just like the idea of being a waiter. Hmm...

Anyway, I went to Thai Hutt yesterday and then I saw the waiters CLEANING TABLES. *Shock*. Yes, I was horrified to realise that I would have to clean tables. Hahaha. Yes, I dumb. I think that's just an excuse I tell myself. I clean heaps at home anyway. The waiters were so eurgh. Like all sweaty and not composed. It was gross. I didn't wanna work there. Or maybe I'm just a lazy ass.

Anyhoo, I had fried ice-cream! Yes, to all you silly white people, deep-fried. I'm sure you'll all have tried it by now (if not Google is your friend). Here's a pic: