STARCRAFT: Commentary on an Addiction

HELP! I am totally, absolutely, utterly addicted to Starcraft. Yes, that old game you used to play when you were 15 back in 1998. It is a testament to the amazing game-making skills of Blizzard that huge numbers of people are still playing their games (their main franchises of Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo) a decade on, totally unchanged.

OMG today I played for hours and hours. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just me, and my mum would only be a bit nuts, but its me and both my brothers as well playing multiplayer free-for-all LAN games. LOL! Hogging all the computers for hours and driving everyone nuts is too easy when it's so much fun!! I think my mum is gonna kill us soon.

Here's a screenshot from a game when I totally gave up and my eldest brother took his sweet freakin' time killing me. Noob. *LOL*:

I always use Zerg. They're kinda gross if you're not used to it, all slimy and pulsating and infesting other things. It's funny how my favourite unit is called the Queen. L-O-L. Fun times! Now I can't wait for Starcraft 2 to come out...


Anonymous 9 August 2009 at 5:20 am  

a life ?!? what is he talking about ??