The Movie Room

Since my HSC is over (something I will eventually talk about) I've been on a pretty wacky movie watching spree. Well, it's mostly kinda weird movies my sister rents from the local Civic Video (I know! Who the hell rents movies these days!? We're in the age of piracy!! Tsk tsk.) Anyway, following on from my little Reading Room post...

Freedom Writers:

I LOVE this movie. I actually watched it at the cinemas already. It's not a very teen-boy friendly title. Anything to do with "writing" is like a repellent for lebo boys (not to say I'm LEBO or anything. Omfg). Ah well, they actually watched it. I watched it again! It's a super cool story about a teacher who inspires her dumb ghetto kids to write their lives in these journals, where they get published as the "Freedom Writers" from the shanty towns, kinda a pun on the Freedom Riders on that interracial XXX bus thing that got attacked. Ah! I digress.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

This movie wins HANDS DOWN the prize for the most random thing ever created by a human being. Seriously. Including toaster strudel. I don't even know what toaster strudel is BUT WHO CARES! This movie rocked and won an Academy Award. It is the strangest movie about awkward people, relationships, love, creepy hobbit-boys, wiping away memories, dancing naked, lying on the ice, drugs, blue hair and abortions. But its awesome. I haven't seen Jim Carrey in ages!! Nice to see he still makes good movies.

Marie Antoinette:

Last, and probably least out of this selection, is this strange pointless movie. Truly another Sophia Coppola type thing. If you've seen "Lost in Translation" you'll know what I mean. 2 hours of complete pointless randomness. I mean, it's a good movie I suppose. But you do get tired of Kirsten Dunst. The whole movie is just a silly celebration of how much "fun" she had. And how bad her husband is at sex. Apparently. It was so weird. It reaches the point where you get real pleasure out of knowing she gets beheaded.