Woohoo! ZZOMG! Finally did something I said I really wanted to do these holidays. I joined a cake making class! HAHA. It was so much fun! And it was really (kinda) charitable too because we were making the cakes for homeless people. I'm such a saint, I know!

Me and me sister showed up to this place and sat outside for a few minutes like total nOObs, wondering wtf is going on, and then our teacher showed up and took us in. His name is Ferdie, and he seriously wants you to know that he is German. Here's a pic:

There's Ferdie in the background. It was so funny how he kept saying "Because I'm German..." or "That's how Germans do it..." It was so random. And he had all these German cooking things with words written in Deutsch (that's the language right??). Now I know what flour is in German. It's MEHL!!! And cocoa is KAKAO!! And sugar is SUCRE. Or something. I think I got that last one wrong.

Here's my sister and another girl (Asma, I think her name was) making tasty goodies in a disaster-zone not so organised kitchen. Ferdie translated recipes from this ancient German cookbook and just let us at it, guiding us along. Most of the time it went well, I suppose. I made 2 things: a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (a.k.a. Black Forest gateau! Yes, I actually made one. wOOt!) and Bavarian Bretzels (I think they're just huge pretzels. *Shrug*).

Here's my unfinished Black Forest cake! Don't you love the layers??

Watch me boil bretzels in soda solution! I look slightly MURDEROUS~!

Here they are after boiling...

And this is the finished product! Brown, salty BRETZELS! The bretzels are a yeast-based kinda dough thing which you let rise and then twirl into this shape. You boil then in bicarb soda solution so they go brown. They were a bit salty (just how the German's like it. That sounds so perverted) so I didn't really like them. Khad and Ferdie liked them, so it's ok.

Khad made this Fruit Flan. How purty!!

Asma made these cookies. They were awesomely crumbly!

YAY! These are all the cakes/bread-things we made for the homeless people! Aren't we such angels? In order from top left corner, clockwise is: Fruit Flan, Bavarian Bretzels, some glazed raisin loaf, my Black Forest Gateau, some cute glazed buns (we called them German Krispy Krenes and Ferdie got happy. LoL!), a cinnamon cake (which Ferdie dropped on the floor by accident and looked SO guilty-feeling. I felt bad for him), some cherry thing, Deer Back (funny name I know) and the cookies.

'Twas fun!


Ferdi 16 January 2008 at 11:50 pm  

This was bound to be linked to me eventually :P

See ya soon Ahmad ;)

The Evil Lemon 16 January 2008 at 11:53 pm  

Oops! Prob shouldn't have used your full name haha. Looking forward to the next class. :D