Muck-Up Day One

Oh my God. OH MY GAWD!!!

Yesterday was Muck-Up DAY!! Pure insanity! For those who live in a hole, Muck-Up Day is usually one of the last days of high-school when you go nuts and do retarded things (usually pranks, but retarded is better. LOL) like shaving cream, eggs, etc. According to wiki it's an Australian tradition. WTF? What is wrong with the rest of the world!! This is the best day of the year!!! LET IT ALL OUT PPL! ALL THOSE YEARS OF POINTLESSNESS!!!


Before Lock-Down:

Anyway, HAHA, it started the night before. Some of my peeps (who shalt remain unnamed) filled balloons with paint and threw them on the school. HAHA. I WANTED IN. Damn it. Funny thing is that the school gates were open at night (major weird) so they just went in and chucked paint everywhere LOLL. There were big splotches everywhere it looked sooo hilarious. Then it rained and washed most of it away. God was giving us a sign. Which we ignored. Tsk tsk.

And then they blamed the girls. LMFAO. Can you believe it? Mr Daomawich and his posse came out to look at the "damage" and I heard them say, "Why would anyone do this?" LMAO. Such naivety...

Haha, the next day the plans were unfolded only a little bit, damn teachers. We flooded the toilets with detergent, that was weird (it actually worked ZOMG-LOL) and shaving creamed the whole school in a most imaginative way:
Now, little children, only plebians use shaving cream from the nozzle. What you do is FREEZE the can overnight, and then when you want to use it, use a CAN OPENER to open it from the bottom. Then throw it wherever you want, and VOILA! Chaos in a can! Sunny days are better. And it doesn't really expand that fast, so pick a discreet spot, will you?
We threw a few cans in the drains, on the roof, etc. Didn't get to see the outcome though, BECAUSE after that, the damn teachers realised something was going on, kicked out all the Year-12ers and put the school in LOCKDOWN. No joke! At MFIS, lockdown means lockdown. They bolted all the gates and called all our parents (supposedly) and put the security guard out to not let us in. Lucky he's a mole HEHE.


Of course, with muck-up, you need noise. And what better noise can you get than a car full of teenagers and a working CAR HORN. HAHA. We got into Ahmed's car, and drove around honking insanely, laughing like lunatics. At that point, we should have realised: "Hmm, mebbe we are going a little too fast. 80 in a 40 zone is probably not a good idea." Unfortunately we were too busy laughing, and then OMFG we crashed. After the crash this is what the car looked like:

LMFAO. Just kidding. That's the car we vandalised decorated later on.

But anyway, WE FULL CRASHED INTO A HILUX IN FRONT OF US. It was insane. Like, it wasn't really that bad a crash, the car just clipped the Hilux, but the view from the windscreen was so insanely scary. I am SO lucky Ahmed is the best driver in our year, no joke. His driving skills saved us HARD.

And some lewzer called the cops but they decided WTF who cares and drove off pretty quick. You gotta love ghetto cops haha. Anyway, that put Ahmed out of action (*sigh*) and he called his dad and apparently his dad and his uncle laughed at him all the way home.
At this point we must realise that not all of us are lucky enough to have dads that own European Car Dealerships. Hence if we crashed our dad's BMWs we would not live long enough to write this. Some people are just lucky like that LMAO.
The whole bloody school came out to see, and being the attention whore I are, I was retelling the story in dramatic tones to everyone. And then I went to help Ahmed out of his emotional trauma.

I know, my priorities are just perfect ;D

Time for some ART:

Later on, as we recovered from the trauma, the crew (Me, Dominatrix, Ghetto-Queen, Ray-Ray, Layla, Fatty, Sayed and Daher) went off into the bush to rest, and we came across the car above. A deserted car + a bag full of spray cans = ART. I swear you would be scared if you saw our faces as we painted the car. It was like REPRESSION OF 12 YEARS UNLEASHED. We were painting it, screaming, smashing the windows. Fun fun:

You should see the roof. LOL. "Satan is Hot", "666", "I LOVE JESUS". Not to mention the clearest of them all, on the bonnet, "Nemra slept with Ali", which we DIDN'T DO BTW. Inside joke. Ok, fine I'll tell you. It's a statement insinuating copulation between a teacher and the principal. What barbarian would DO SUCH A THING??

It's even funnier when you realise that just a few minutes ago SOMEONE TOTALLY UNRELATED TO US spray painted this on the pavement:

Some skank went and removed this beautiful work of art. Guess how? They got pebbles, and SCRATCHED IT OFF. Can you believe it??

Ok, right now I really can't be bothered to write anymore, so the post quality will degrade significantly from this point on. Note that chronology will now be ignored, because time is inconsequential in the non-reality that is Muck-Up day.

Biatch At Macca's:

We went to McDonalds and got harrassed by this utter SKANK. She wouldn't move up to give us extra space (WE HAD SEVEN PPL) and so we completely destroyed her life. It was so much fun! When she started smoking we all did *cough* CANCER *cough*, and when she left Macca's we all started clapping it was hilarious! Then when she was in her car she gave us the finger, and Daher did UBER NASTY VULGAR symbol to her I was on the FLOOR laughing!! Then Rai lost the plot and threw coke on me. WHY!! I am so hurt. XP.

Cling-Wrapping Principal's Car:

HAHA! WE ACTUALLY DID IT!! LMFAOOOO! Damn! If only we'd taken photos!! It was seriously the freakiest thing we did on the day. We snuck back into the school (lockdown, remember?) and then we ran up to the principal's car and started frantically covering it with cling-wrap hahahaha. Some little kids saw us and REPORTED US! WHAT LITTLE BUTTHOLES! The vice-principal saw us and started running towards us and we were SHITTING OUT PANTS and we boltedddd! It was so scary. The security guard told us to run for our lives, cos they were gonna chase us with cars. CARS! OMFG. Then we ran like crazy and hid in the paper-factory next door. HAHA.

LESBIAN Crop Circles (NOT gay-pride OK!):

We walked to Sayed's house mansion and laughed our heads off, hearts pounding like crazy. Of course, time for some photos:

Hopefully no-one we know finds my blog, but if you do, and you go snitching, be warned. WE CAN BE QUITE SCARY. Anyhoo, how cute is this photo?? It's the sort of thing you show your kids in 30 years time and laugh at how much fun your teenager years were.

Anyway, we got out my trusty cans of spray paint again, jumped on the grass on the park next to Sayed's house and made crop-circles! Our colours were kinda weird, so it turned out really funky, and "lesbian". No idea. It turned out we all had different star signs so woohoo! Funky pagan cult dancing time! I was aries, so I had to do a Ram dance. Was fun. LoL.

Anyway, I'm really tired right now, this probably wasnt the best coverage of the days events, but ah well, I tried. Now all that's left is Muck-Up Day 2 on Monday...

Eating: Fried fish-balls dipped in chilli sauce. Very Asian.

Mood: TIRED!


Dominatrix 11 September 2007 at 12:50 am  

My report was better, ok. HEH no i kid....was so much fun reading your version of events XDD Dood, i have my own tag on your blog, that is so kewl. I need to make a tag for you on my LJ XDD