Islamic Art Exhibition

12 Centuries Of Treasure From The World's Finest Private Collection:

The Nasser D. Khalili Islamic Art Collection

I went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for the first time on Saturday! Yes, I am so unrefined. Ah well, it was a nice experience (except for the part when I was happily walking on the grass to the entrance and accidentally stepped on something rather risque; shameless people. It was still WET. I pray it was the rain.)

Anyway, the collections of stuff were pretty kewl. It's nice to know people are being exposed to some good sides of Islamic history, as opposed to all the nastiness propagated these days. Not that I'm saying we're awesome or anything; we have our flaws. MAJOR flaws. But who doesn't?

I went with my family, a few other people, and our impromptu tour guide, Sheikh Naeem. It was so cool having him there, because he knew all the history, and he could read the ancient Qurans and other texts in the Kufic script. People were crowding all around to hear what he was saying, it was nice. Heh. The other styles of Arabic were so amazing too. The textiles, the astrolabes, etc. PRETTY!

THEN, when we went to have a coffee at a Gloria Jean's in one of the shopping places in the city on Pitt Street, it really struck me how scared (or suspicious?) people think of muslims. We had to pray 'Asr, so we went inside fire-escape exit (we make do with what we have LOL) to pray in peace. Then a security guard comes and takes my brother away because someone CALLED UP SECURITY AND SAID THEY SAW SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY! HAHA! I bet it was 'cos Sheikh Naeem's turban set off their terrorist sensors. Ah well, the security guard just started chatting with him, and turns out he's from Lakemba too (LOL) so he knows how paranoid these bogans are. All's well.

Eating: Popiah, deep-fried and dipped in chilli sauce. Popiah are SO NICE! They're a Malay appetiser that's like spring rolls, except that they are filled with a curry (like kima aloo). YUM.

Mood: Happy! Finished a chemistry exam today! I HEART CHEMISTRY!