I went to the APEC protest yesterday at Hyde Park. It was PURE insanity. The sheer volume of police there was just amazing/disgusting/shocking. Not to mention a BLOODY waste of money! Me, Daher and Nahyan went (the rest of my aquaintances friends utterly dogged me). At first it was really peaceful, we were just walking around. We met some interesting people, like sex-workers united against George Bush, and a few nice women from North Africa:

No comment.

Why are my eyes closed?

But nothing would be more obvious on that day then the huge INSANE AMOUNT OF POLICE there! You cannot describe it in words! Numbers maybe, but not words heh. Here's a few pics of the police there:

This was my first view of them. Teaser trailer...

Then the cops-on-bikes came along, looking all evil.

They made a wall around the whole place. The right-most guy SEARCHED ME. THE BLOODY SKANK. I was taking pics and he came to us and grabbed our bags and started searching us. What a tool. These people get paid so little they need their little power-trips.

AND THEN the arrests started. We were JUST leaving, and then Daher turns back and notices that people were running towards somewhere, so we started BOLTING towards the action. I got right to the front and I saw that the police grabbed a protestor and were dragging him away. It was insane! They also grabbed a woman and she was screaming her head off as they dragged her away. The police were so brutal!! They were bashing heads on the floor, kneeing people, attacking, it was sick:

"Fools rush in where angels dare to tread." LOL.

Here the cops are dragging a guy away.


Too late. The police bashed this guy to the ground.

Me! Posing in the middle of the action! LMAO.

I took a video of the police grabbing on the other guys and wrestling him to the ground. It's not the best quality, but its RAW!! Blogger-Video is playing up so I'll use YouTube. Same company anyway. We all heart Google. LoL:

This protest was such an experience man. Once in a lifetime crap. I cannot believe more people didn't come! Such fools! And it's not like I came just for action. It was for a good cause. I was protesting against the US governments actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Australia's non-ending support for it. I don't for a second think that I actually understand the whole thing, but I don't like lies and deceit, and I ABSOLUTELY hate cops having powertrips.

Peace out.

P.S. I notice more ppl are reading. Do comment!