Meat Ritual

Woohoo! Another pointless day! I did absolutely no study, my HSC exams are in 26 days, and I'm stressing out like HELL! YAY. Btw I've totally given up on the whole iftar update I can't be TOSSED. Guess what I ate today? FOUR PACKETS OF Mi GORENG!! I have officially overdosed on MSG and am going to die. As in RIGHT now. My stomach is killing me!!!

Anyway, I felt like talking about my family's meat ritual. Sounds really tribal doesn't it?? It's actually better called the 'Meat-Packing Ritual', but that's not very dramatic, now is it? Anyhoo, my family is huge (six kiddos), and we're cheapos, so we buy our beef in bulk. And I mean BULK. My mum orders huge-ass packages from the local butcher and we pay like $400 bucks. And haul it into the kitchen, spreading blood all over the floor.


Unfortunately, you can't chuck 100 friggin' kilos of dead cow straight into the freezer. Thawing would be hell. Unless you have a chainsaw or something. ANYWAY, so we have to do this ritual where we sit on the floor, pack the dripping meat into little bags, get soaked in blood, seal them, and then chuck them into the freezer nicely. Takes AGES, it's a pain in the ass, but it's good value for money. This is what it ends up looking like: