Day the Third

Here's a funny video to kick-start your life:


In other news, Salah got an interview for UNSW Medicine!! Woohoo! That's like the most exclusive undergraduate degree there is: Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). And he didn't tell me the skank! Ah well, I got it out of him eventually. I think he didn't want to tell anyone just in case he didn't get in. Poor kid.

I feel like posting more videos. I've had these stored in my bookmarks for quite a while; I wanna get rid of them! They're funny, weird or just plain cool. Enjoy!

New NASA Rocket:

How cool is this!? The force coming out of that rocket is insane!

MadTV - Substitute Teacher:

You gotta LOVE MadTV! This is SO hilarious MAMIs!

MadTV - Ms Swan's Sex Call:

Woohoo!! Ms Swan~!

Phew. Enough videos. Time for my Daily Iftar Update:


Where: At home AGAIN. But WOOHOO! I organised an iftar outing at ThaiHutt, the Muslim community's lastest favourite restaurant! I can't wait! *Goes and obsesses over it from now*.

What: Left-overs from yesterday. And only a little bit. Weightloss attempts should work. Oh yeah! I jogged around my neighbourhood today! It was so awesome! I went to new places I've never seen before. Try it!