I have officially graduated from High-School!

FINALLY, after 12 years in the same school, Malek Fahd Islamic School, it was graduation time. I cannot properly describe the emotions going through my mind on that day. I'm still a bit confused. I'm so happy, so sad, so nostalgic, so remorseful, excited, scared...

I'm gonna miss everyone so much!!

Graduation was SO awesome. Seriously this was the best graduation our school has EVER had. Usually they just hold them during the day and its quite uneventful, but this year it was at night, in the school hall. It was a completely official event, tickets handed out to parents, security, professional photography, the lot. It was SO awesome!!!

First I went to the school to pick up my robes. I put them on, and then I went with Hamjaneeh to get the professional photos done. And then, it was INSANITY time!! I went NUTS taking photos! I've never been much of a photogenic person, but I WAS NOT about to let my GRADUATION go unrecorded. Total cam-whore time!

I was so HAPPY! I was ecstatic, elated, drunk with joy, WHATEVER metaphor/saying you can think, I was just so excited. There's nothing quite like a high-school graduation with all your friends. It makes me slightly sad...

Well. At least I recorded it all HAHA. When we were waiting at the back, I was jumping on everyone and taking photos with EVERYONE MySpace style. I never knew it was so much fun!

Here's Ahmed and Ahmad, respectively. Yes, me on the right, and one of me bestest bestest friends on the left. I asked someone to take a photo but we weren't ready so it turned out funny. I love these candid shots! Watch for more of Ahmed's pics later. TOTAL natural cam-whore! He has the BEST poses!!

Here's me on the left with Kak. I LOVE this photo!! It's so cute. I look insanely happy. Like I'm on crack. LOL! Happy times are good. We have a such a strange history, but he's a super cool guy! Will miss him heaps!! Is it just me or does it look like we both have perfect teeth? He had braces!! I'm just naturally hot ;D

I'm totally creeping up on Wassim here. I look slightly disturbing, but I really like this pic! I can't put a finger on it. On maybe it's three fingers. Three fingers bent on Wassim's shoulder. In super creepy pedophile sort of way. Righto...

First photo I'm not in! Hamzah and Sayed doing CREEPO poses!! SCARY!

Dudeee. We're like totally too bored to even be here mannn. *Snort*.

Yay! A nice pic! Me and Fatih!

Haha, Karnib is SO tall and skinny it's SCARY. Gotta love that guy ;)

I was so busy cam-whoring outside that I didn't even realise that we were waiting for something to happen. The teachers opened the back door to the school hall, and then everyone started moving in. I was going WTF? and just followed the crowd. Turns out we were walking into the hall which was already full of parents, and this was like some kinda opening ceremony. ZOMG I had no idea!


We had the whole ceremony. First it started off with us being called up one by one onto the stage to receive our certificates and our gifts. It was so kewl. I was taking pictures of people (duh.) I got some good ones:

Here's Nahyan getting his certificate. WOOHOO GO NAHYAN!!


Then the school captains did their speeches! I was a bit upset over that whole issue but I'm SO over it now. Go Kak! His speech was SO good!! I was so surprised that he did it so well! Hehe. It's a traditional thing where you say a little thing about everyone, and reminisce over the old times. It's really funny!

Then he got to the part when he said (in front of ALL the parents) that I (ME! Innocent 'ole ME!!) was a sneaky deceptive person who put all my intelligence to sneaky bad uses. HAHAHA. It was SO hilarious! And absolutely true mind you. Except that now all my friend's parents don't trust me anymore. Ah well. Schools out anyway. *Sob*.

Anyway after that we had food. It was really nice actually!! Heaps of chicken and pasta, creamy garlic sauce, beef; lots of Lebanese style food. It was SO good. And then they took out the cake!! YUM! Graduation cake! One bite and your shackles are BROKEN!


Then I went and sucked on the helium tank and took more photos:

Here's my class, sitting down (quite a rare event) happily posing for my camera. I LOVE my class so much. We have very good dynamics with each other, most of the time anyway, and everyone's personalities are usually cancelled out. Harmony. NOT. Mind you, the girls outnumber us like 20 to 1.

LMFAO! Ahmed is such a POSER!! HAHAHA!

Looky look! Most of our class!!

Me and Sufyan!! My BFF!! *Dies at lame tween-girl reference*. Seriously though, total best friends forever, I've been his friend since Year One. That means TWELVE FRIKKIN' YEARS OK. DON'T MESS!!

Omar!! YAY! This is a really nice photo!

He wanted a personal photo with me and I very willingly obliged! All these photos turned out SO good! I discovered the secret!! Take at least 200 photos, and you'll get at least 100 good ones!!

Then Satan possessed Omar. I lost all hope.

Group photo with the Crew! Too bad my FREAKIN' EYES ARE CLOSED!!

Me and Rai!! Did I mention that she poured coke on me?

Dom and Anna!! Smirking at the camera AGAIN! Hehe :P

My music teacher, Mr Oblikov. He really doesn't fit into the school because he's such a nice guy. Really different. I wonder how he tolerates the insanity. Must be the music. He plays the cello beautifully. I used to come early in the mornings to hear him play.

Aha! Ms Mahmic!! English teacher who DOESN'T FRIGGIN' AGE. She looks exactly the same as 10 years ago, no joke!! Don't know how she does it...

I'd love to post more pictures but I REALLY can't be bothered. After we took all the photos, it was really late so we had to go home. I managed to convince my mum to let me go to Hamzah's place!! And Sufyan did too! So we all ended up at Hamzah's place at grad night. FUN!

I had a killer headache to I wasn't about to do anything insane, and it was really late too. Hamzah got out the beds and we stayed up till LATE attacking each other in his room LoL. That was one of the most fun days of my life!!

I can't believe it. I'm a high-school graduate!!



Dominatrix 13 September 2007 at 10:47 pm  

GRADUATIONNNN!!!!!!!! *still on a high* I smirk waaaaay too much, i'm like smirking in every picture there is of me. I think i got tired of smiling insanely after a while. Hence the smirking. Anyway WOOO WE'RE FREE!!! *dances*