My phone is RISEN FROM THE DEAD!! Thank you, oh Lord, for this greatest miracle of our time; the Resurrection of the MotoRAZR V3x!!

[For those who didn't get the Bible reference in the title, here's a link.]


Ok, anyway, brief history: On the day of the APEC protests, my phone died. It was the worst moment of my life. I rely on it SO much! It just DIED. The screen stopped working. It would turn on, and vibrate when calls came, but it wouldn't respond to anything I did. I was totally vulnerable (electronically NAKED) is this brutally digital world. It was on the worst day possible too! I had the protests to go to, and a dinner that night. Mum called me a billion times and I didn't know.

After staring at the dead phone for a few days, and using some REALLY shocking old LG phone in the meantime (it still had an ANTENNA), I knew it was time to do something. I was ready. READY TO DISMANTLE!!!

Thanks to Google I found this guide (LINK) and used it to tear my bloody phone apart. I actually had no hope of fixing it, I just felt like opening it. And when I put it back together it WORKED! OmG I are genius. Heres a pic:


This was the culprit. I think.

My phone came out a bit worse for wear (I cracked some glass bits and lost another thing) but at least it works now! Lesson learnt: When you're phone stops working, break it. But use instructions. Then hope for the best!

Eating: Baked potato wedges. The hot chip's (aka French fry's) hotter and more mature older brother. Commonly seen frolicking with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, in the most classy of establishments. (Bought from Woolies LOLL).

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