Ramadan Kareem!

Aha! Once again, the most holiest of months is upon us: Ramadan!

At this time of the year, Muslims (like me!) all over the world fast (sawm), and refrain from eating, drinking, sexual relationships, bitching about other people, and being naughty in general. 'Tis the month to be pure and holy. Amen.

Today was the first day of fasting for many people (some people started yesterday, but let's not get into that little argument, for simplicity's sake). The start of the fasting is signalled by the sighting of the forming moon, the first crescent. The Islamic Calender revolves around the moon; its quite surreal if you think about it.

Anyway, today was pretty good! I survived without sustenance from dawn till dusk/sunset, at which point I broke my fast with yummy food.

Another important/strange part of Ramadan are the Taraweeh prayers, which we do every night (usually at the local mosque). I just came back from them. The mosque was PACKED out. Here's a pic:

Ramadan is also the month of weightloss. Yes. Even for non-fat people. *Cough*. Apparently, I shouldn't have the intention of fasting for the sake of weightloss, but ah well. I totally do it for the kudos.
Start: 73.5 kg
End: ??? kg
Will update at end of Ramadan ;D

Anyway, here's the first IFTAR UPDATE!!


Where: At home! The best place to BE!! Not. Actually it was a pretty nice atmosphere. No-one noticed that I was trying not to gorge myself on food. Which I usually do.

What: I broke my fast with dates and water (as per the sunnah). Later we had Hokkien noodles with meatballs and soup. Very Asian and very nice.

Other days should be interesting. Ciao!