My Kitty Cats

I thought I'd introduce you to the bitchier furrier members of my family. My digital camera can take videos as well; I hope they turn out good. The videos were taken by my sister, and hence feature the strange high-pitched voice she puts on when she's bugging the cats. She's also using the 'Home Accent' (i.e. the accent we use at home when we speak Malay and English. It's quite a funny concept having 2 interchangeable accents, but anyway.) I obviously sound way hotter:

Moo-Moo in Ecstasy:

This guy is the only male of the family of four cats. He's such a retard. A real brainless dope. No offence, of course. Remember that time he got lost?? Well now he's back and being a manwhore all over again. He is cute though.

Nigger Posing:

I know, super racist name to call a cat, but hey! I didn't name her!! It was my brother, being silly, and the name just kinda stuck. Well, we do live in a pretty ghetto-ish area, ah well. See there's another cat jumping around in the videos? That's Imposter! My FAVOURITE cat. It looks like its mum, hence the name. It slept on my chest the other night, nibbling on my chin.

Super cute!