Life, UMAT, food...

OMG. My total UMAT score was 198. That makes me like, officially, a GENIUS! Woohoo!! [Actually the genius cut-off is 200, but who gives a crap!! I'm close enough!!] Too bad I didn't apply for UNSW Medicine...

That's me latest quandary. Whether to continue with this CO-OP thing and do finance, or stuff it all and do medicine. Damn it. Too many choices! It's such a curse. [Yes, I am aware that right now I sound like a self-absorbed arrogant skank, but this is MY blog after all...]

Taraweeh prayer sucks major balls. I really hate going. Especially when it's raining and you walk to the mosque in flip-flops and your toes get all wet and squishy. Nasty.

Check out this new Blogger program; it's called BloggerPlay. It just shows you pictures that are being uploaded at that point in time, frame after frame. It sounds lame, but it's really amazing! You can't stop watching! It's totally vouyeristic, perving into other people's lives HEHE. [I'm not like that ok!! It's really late at night and I'm starting to say weird things. Like HEMAPHRODITE. Ok. Moving along...]

I couldn't be bothered blogging about yesterday's events yesterday night, I think I was being SUPER-emo, [as usual. *Snigger*] so I'll fill you in on both days at once:


[Day FIVE] - ThaiHutt:

This was it, the long awaited iftar, the one I really looked forward too. Do I sound depressed already? It was really good actually [NOT!]; Asem, Sayed and Kak came to pick me up from my house, but I was at the station [DAMN! Yes, things like that annoy me greatly.] Anyway, they came eventually, and I did the hi ho heidi ho thing [normal people refer to this as greeting your friends], and sat in the car. We drove off, and Asem drove like a nut, and Kak egged him on, and Sayed and I looked at each other and laughed at the silly imbeciles. We got to the restaurant, after picking up Fahs, and Salah and Ahmed were standing on the corner like cheap hookers. Etcetra, ETCETRA...

We sat down, ordered and ate. I had an entree of 'Sexy Girls' (yes, honestly, that's what they're called, weird prawn things. I'm trying to get a picture of them from Google Images but I'm being flooded by porn...) and had a main of chicken Hokkien noodles. YUM. It was quite fun actually, I was having good table conversation with everyone. At some point I played footsies with Asem, no idea why.

We went to bowling after that. [These people and their weirdness! Bowling!! After a huge-ass meal!] It was surprisingly good. I got 2 strikes, right at the end. Woohoo. Salah and Kak had a competition with each other [and everyone else got ignored. D/w I cheered for Salah ;P]. Not surprisingly Kak beat everyone, stupid sports freak. We went for a drive after that, typical Arab boys past-time [I'm totally integrated don't you worry] speeding around, playing music really loud. Except that it was mostly 'Destination Unknown', and not 50 Cent. At one point the speakers blasted out: IT'S BRITNEY BITCH!! [and then I started singing and dancing in the backseat, getting weird looks from my friends. What!? It was 'Gimme MORE'!!].

Driving around ['Cruising?' Eurgh...] is fun. We evetually went to Kak's house, and dropped him off, and then everyone parted, but me and Salah went to Ahmed's house for a game of pool. Funsies!!

[Day SIX] - Homesies:

If home is where the heart is, then where the f*ck is all the damn loving?? Sorry, home's actually pretty good, I'm just really emo about all the freakin' above.

What: Damn. I forgot about this section. Anyway, for yesterday's foodies, look up and see my sexy girls. *Cough*. And my long juicy Hokkien noodle. LMAO. Not an innuendo I'd be very proud of. Ahem. Today, I had more free-trade food: Chocolate! Again from Oxfam, except this time is was chocolate from Ghana. It was SO good! Also, more curry-puffs and stuff. A little bit of cheesecake too...