Red Snapper!

Today was another amazingly uneventful day in my "banal" life (totally stolen off another blog). Actually, not really. For one, I went to another Islamic Class this morning with Sheikh Naeem, and he told us how he tasted frozen durians with his sons and how it looked like pus flowing down their cheeks. Not nice. I love durians though, fresh ones, bought in tropical countries like Singapore. Delicious.

I watched Naturo Shippuden 28 today. I watch the episodes at KunaiNaruto (it's a really kewl website that hosts the episodes for FREE!). I've never really talked about my love/hate relationship with Naruto before, but yeh, this episode sucked major wang. It was one of those "believe in yourselves emo children!!" episodes. Not in the mood.

Also, I made palmiers! Another great podcast from DyannBakes. As you can probably tell, I am totally obsessed with this site. I was SO hungry and bored, and totally not in the mood to study (EVEN THOUGH MY HSC EXAMS ARE IN 32 DAYS) so I went and bought puff-pastry at my local store. The palmiers turned out alright I suppose, not sweet enough for me though. Here's a pic:

These are before baking...

During baking...

And the finished product!

I'm at that point in my life when I'm stressing out over everything. I have to study for my exams, I have to fill out my Co-op Scholarship application, I want everybody to sign my shirt, I wanna go places for iftar, I want to blog about certain stuff, I want to ARGH JUMP OFF A CLIFF. I am so anal like that; everything HAS to go to plan. Maybe that's why I like baking. There's a plan you follow, and you get results! Perfect.


Where: At home again. I'm still waiting on invites to friend's houses...

What: First, it was milk tea (I HEART) with a fat juicy date. Then I ate the palmiers I made and some pineapple upside-down cake. After we prayed, we came back and had asam pedas ikan (with RED SNAPPER! Jeez this fish is so delicious...) and rice. SO insanely tasty. I feel so fat and guilty now. Bulimia FTW! (Not.)