My TV Debut...

I just prayed taraweeh for the first time at home this Ramadan. It was one of the fastest and worst prayers I've ever done in my life! SHAME!!

And, why I didn't go to the mosque? 'Cos I was at SBS studios, jumping in the shooting of tomorrow's Insight program! Link. It was REALLY interesting! First we went in and I kept thinking to myself WTF am I doing here!? Then this lady handed us little envelopes; I looked inside and there was $50 BUCKS!! WOOHOO!

I want more money. I wanna buy more clothes. My clothes are getting old. I want mores shiny stuff. More food. I'm a heartless consumerist! Bite me. Really hard.

Then we got ushered into the studio, and I saw the host, Jenny Brockie. She was HUGE! OMG she looks so much bigger in real life its SCARY. Then the whole thing got set-up I we got put into our seats and the whole forum thing started, all being recorded by creepy looking camera-men. The actual show goes like this: Each show has a topic, and people are put in the audience, and are interviewed by the host, Jenny. Everyone in the audience is alowed to talk, so it's REALLY weird television. It was quite interesting. The topic was "Culture Test" or something like that. I was just listening, not really the type to put up my hand and input something on national television. This is what it looks like:

I was one of the noobs in the audience. There's Jenny! It was a total freakshow at one point: there was this Bangla chick saying how her dad (who was RIGHT next to her) wanted her to have an arranged marriage, and how she didn't want to, there was a Malaysian Chinese lesbian couple, a 25+ year old Muslim man who was born in Australia who only met his first non-Muslim last year or something, a Muslim woman who's wife didn't let her go to uni, but she went anyway, a Greek Orthodox Christian woman who married a Muslim Pakistani man (WTF!?)...and the list goes on. TOTAL freakshow, but a really awesome experience. I'll post up the video when it comes on YouTube. The show airs tomorrow.

Here's me when I just came back from the show:

Formal-wear WooHoo!


Where: In the CAR on the way to the recording studio. Now THAT is a new one.

What: Dates, kiwifruit and strawberries. Yum! And super sweet orange cordial (READ: water + sugar + colour). Then we pulled out the real food! We had little Malay fried curry-puffs called epok-epok. They are deep-fried puff-pastry filled with a curry filling. My mum uses kima-aloo type stuff (mince meat curry and potatoes). SO NICE!