The Reading Room

I've read 2 books recently. I know, I really shouldn't have in the middle of my HSC but, ah well! It was too tempting. It was a nice feeling lying down on my comfy bed and reading. Haven't done it in ages!

Dead Sexy - Kathy Lette:

This is the funniest novel I've read in a while. Warning: 18+ material. It contains so much smut its unbelievable. I think the only reason I picked it up was 'cos of the sleazy title. But turns out it was actually a bit more substantial that soft-porn. Really good read! It goes from creepo reality TV to to a tropical honeymoon that starts out badly and deteriorates into a hurricane, volcanic eruption and terrorists. LMAO. That description just made it sound like the biggest load of rubbish, but it's such a fun read. Do try it ;P

About A Boy - Nick Hornby:

Yeh, they did make a movie about this one. The only reason I read this one was because the cover was cool. I know, I'm so fickle about choosing books to read! Anyway this one is about the weird relationship between a immature 36 year old man and this creepy 12 year old kid (nothing sexual between them d/w). It's so hilarious! The story is really good but the main part I loved was the weird character of the kid, Marcus. And Dead Duck Day. A MUST READ!