Sword Fighting

Guess what I started today....? JAPANESE SWORD FIGHTING! Like full-on with wooden katanas and stuff. It's SO awesomeee. My arms are dead tired from the training. It was in a park, with a small group of people. It was my first lesson, so I was pretty nOOb. Ah well, I'll get better! It's really weird 'cos most of the strength comes from one arm, so I have one arm ache. I hope I don't end up with an out-of-proportion body.

Here's a sort of mosaic-ish photo (that is a mosaic right??) of the wooden sword. It was too long to take with a single photo, so I joined 3 together!

Pretty, eh?

In other, more predictable news, I took a photo of myself and it was TUBBY. Dude, you gotta cut back on the cream puffs!! ARGH. I feel bad. I can't stop eating. Food is nice.

I started watching Popular again. Greaaat. Another distraction...