Weird Dreams

Today was a really weird day for me.

Firstly, I woke up in the night 3 times, had 3 separate dreams and remembered ALL of them!! You have no idea how seriously weird that is. I never remember my dreams; NEVER! They were kinda weird dreams too. They were, not in any particular order (plus I can't even remember):
  1. I was doing my English HSC paper (Paper One) in a hall and in the middle of the exam I was having a chat with my English teacher, then I looked at the time and saw that there was only half and hour left and I had 2 sections to go and I realised I had no hope and freaked out insanely. It was SO SCARY. Don't LAUGH!! Total nerd dream. LEWL. I woke up horribly traumatised, and VERY motivated to study.
  2. I was in some random south-east Asian country like the Phillipines and I was at an ATM machine (or an arcade?) and the guy in front of me had shoulder length black hair, and he turned around and IT WAS ROI!! OMFG. As in Roi from hoiitsroi (a.k.a. Wasabi Productions) on YouTube! LMAO. I wanted to take a picture with him (they are SO KEWL), and he was all happy, but my little sister freaked out cos she thought he was Am/Dom (cause of his long hair HAHA. My family's been buggin' me bout her since graduation. *Sigh*.) Anyway, as I tried to get rid of my little sister he left and I was left depressed.
  3. And lastly, I think this was a kinda continuation of the last one, same kinda gloomy/monsoon kinda weather as Phillippines except that I was with my classmates and we were running through people's backyards wearing only boardshorts and then we found a pool and jumped in. Then *someone* (read: person I am way to obsessed with) was being mean to me and I stayed under the water, but it was cold so I wasn't emo.
How completely demented are these dreams? Well, not really that demented (compared to my nightmare of Ronald McDonald chasing me on wooden logs over a lavapit) but it's weird enough for me!