Today, the rubbish hoarded in our family for over a decade was finally thrown away. I think if my dad finds out he'll freak. LOL. Well that's too bad isn't it? Lucky he's not even in this country. The hoarding genes definitely come from my dad; let's just hope I didn't inherit too much of it.

Anyway, my mum called up the council to use one of our 2 free bulk-rubbish collection days. Then she went and decided to throw EVERYTHING out. I think it's one of those turn-over-a-new-leaf slash I-want-to-get-rid-of-my-past hidden under the cover of happy Spring Cleaning! Ah well, I don't mind. I hate clutter. Have a peek:

Tons and tons of boxes (I know, wtf, why so many boxes!?) I think after we unpacked after moving here, we didn't really get round to throwing them away. Chairs, suitcases, empty drawers, junk symbolising millenia of repression (oops!). Can you see Imposter in the background? Hehe.

There was more junk out the front. A LOT more. Poor rubbish people. Look! Cupboards, more boxes, a toy-car, chairs (heaps of chairs, another major weird), TWO washing machines (WTF), a car bonnet (HAHA) and an oven. Yes, an oven. We really like to hoard our big appliances.

Another view of the rubbish. I wasn't really that embarrased about it. Some of my siblings were. Ah well, it's just another part of the weirdness of my life. Add a full rubbish bin or two!

I found this painting hidden amongst the junk. It's such a beautiful painting! I didn't want it to get thrown in to the junk. So I stole it and hid it HEHE. Damn it, my hoarder genes are coming out again...