Cake Worship...

Remember my last cake binge? Well, I just had another one. Jeez. Weightloss is not gonna happen anytime soon. Summer is coming up and I'm gonna scare everyone on the beach with me FAT BELLY! HAHA. It is so worth it. Cake is LORD!

Everyone, stop buying cakes from wherever you buy your cakes, and come to Sergio's Cake Shop (link) in Greenacre. Seriously this place sells the best cakes in the universe. Well, out of the cake's I've tried (which is QUITE A LOT let me tell you) this place tops them all. Everything is nice there. Seriously! This is the crap I bought recently:

Fruit sponge-cake layered with custard. Man! SO GOOD~!

And a KILO of these fellas, called "yo-yos". YUM!!!