Sayonara ENGRISH!

Yesterday I sat the last English exam of my life! Goodbye, oh worthy adversary! The long hours I spent analysing banal texts, the tediousities of creating beautifully flowing paragraphs and the wristache and cramps your endurance-sports of exams gave me will be sorely missed.

In a strange way, that's half true.

Let's just say I hope it went ok, and that rhymed so I feel fine, and on the 19th of December, all Hell will be torn asunder and my life will either be, most glorious or deathly free and I give up trying to rhyme, it's much to hard you see!

Anyway. During the exam I had:
  1. Tonsillitis
  2. Major headache
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Stomach cramps
Yet I struggled away for 2 hours to finish my damn essays, my body cursing me for putting it through such anguish. "FREE ME FROM THIS TORTURE!" I cried to myself, "Release my contents!" my bowels begged. Hopefully it all pays off. *Fingers crossed*.

Slowly, slowly, a few more days until BONFIRE NIGHT!

Goodbye Huckleberry Finn! Goodbye Ovid and Wordsworth! Goodbye Charles Foster Kane! Goodbye Antony, Cleopatra and Octavius Caesar!

P.S. I think I made up like 10 words in this post...


rai 31 October 2007 at 7:46 pm  

too much information
we realli dont wanna know abt ur bowel probs
these should be kept a secret and brought to ur grave

The Evil Lemon 31 October 2007 at 7:48 pm  

Don't lie I know you want to know alll about my bowel problems HAHA.

traumatised ray 1 November 2007 at 11:56 am  

ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH repulsive image!!!! im scarred for lifeeeee thanks alott asian!!!!
hhehhe kidding dont start crying

The Evil Lemon 1 November 2007 at 11:57 am  

huh? arent u asian too? Or are you some creepo posing as rai? or ray? Hmmmm...

rai or ray?? 1 November 2007 at 6:34 pm  

yeah i noe... im beinga hypocrite and no. im not an imposter loll